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Wanna see how I spent my Saturday so far??? ** Click Right Here To See ** I’m actually really happy how it turned out…as you can see, I’m not much afraid of color I have to tell you though, the walls don’t really ‘glow’ as the look like they do in the pictures…haha…the color is ‘Lava Orange’…I absolutely LOVE the color orange…and getting to paint the girls bathroom in that color is awesome to me It’s such a *Happy* color So, I’m excited with the outcome…just wish the bathroom was a bit bigger so I could get wider shots of it all

Nothing much happening here…eating is still awesome, I’m down already from Tuesday…not to jinx myself, BUT right now I am at the LOWEST I have been in YEARS!!!! So, I AM below VFT

Hope you all are having a GREAT weekend!!! I’m off to finishing canning MORE spaghetti sauce!!!

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By Lisa
On 09.13.03
At 6:45 pm
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Mel Says:

Lisa you are such a nut. I am giggling over the last entry about your legs. It is a giddy feeling isn’t it? lol I know that feeling all to well.

Lava Orange hmmm…sounds interesting. Its definately a nice autumn color that I love.

Have a good week and good luck tommorow!!

Hugs, Mel

Vrai Says:

Wowsers Lisa! I love that bathroom! I LOVE flowers and bright colors. Im sure your girls love it too!!
Yay for you at being your thinnest! Weight to go girl!!
Hope you have a great week!!

Becky Perry Says:

Lisa, those are some BOLD colors!! My hubby is a painter and I’ll have to show the pics to him - he’ll love it!! BTW, you did a great job!

Candi Says:

Awesome Bathroom Lisa…that is one sure fire way to make sure you are wide awake in the morning!! I used to have a pretty bright pink kitchen (my old house) before I just had to remodel it…too much color at 7am…LOL
Great job and love the flowers!!


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