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Wow, yesterday I was dancin’ around the house with the girls (usual here…LOL) and was smackin my leg to the beat and GUESS WHAT?!?!?! My legs aren’t FLABBY!!!! How pathetic is this entry?!?!? ROFL…Seriously though, when I hit my leg, it was like, WHOA!!!! And the clincher was the very top of the back of my legs (right under my butt) is where I can REALLY feel a difference!!! There is no more ‘bulge’ there! I’m so floored it’s unreal!!! All this walking is FINALLY paying off, and not just in the weight loss, but the shape of my body! I’m so excited

I added more ‘I’ve lost XXX lbs!!’ blinkies to the blinkies list Just click on ‘Blinkies 4 U’ link (above) and there are now blinkies that cover up to 120 lbs. loss!!! If you need them to go higher (I will work on them eventually) but if you need them in higher amounts right now, just let me know and I’ll get them done

Staying OP is easier than ever right now…*knock on wood*…it’s amazing that as long as I don’t let myself think it’s ok to slip one day (usually the night of weigh-in) that I can stay on track SO well!! It’s been almost 2 weeks now with being perfect OP and I feel AWESOME!!! I can tell that this is going to continue, and even though it may sound like a cliche or a ‘yeah right’, THIS is going to be the time that I DO this and hit GOAL!!!!!

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By Lisa
On 09.11.03
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Julie Says:

Your entry isn’t pathetic I totally understand. Last night I was standing on my tiptoes and my dh said " Wow look at your calf muscles! All your hard work is really starting to show." Puts you right on top of the world.

You’re really doing a wonderful job Lisa - your attitude is fantastic. You’re as inspirational if not more so as the 1st day I found your blog.

Thank you


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