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BLOATED?!?!?! That BETTER be what’s going on…LOL…I’m up another lb. today on my scale…I was completely NOT OP yesterday and today both…dangit…but, I know why…I haven’t journaled either day…my own fault, and it’s back to the grind tomorrow morning first thing NGAMO, right?? (no guilt, and move on)…it was Christmas and I said I was going to stay OP (on program) and count points, and then I changed my mind just as I did at Thanksgiving, and again, just as I did at Thanksgiving, it took me 3 days to get back on track…so…tomorrow’s the day, and back at it…

I know I’m not supposed to get off of the program like this, but at the same time, I can’t help thinking if having a day once in awhile where I eat higher points, it will shake my body up again a bit and keep losing big…I mean your body has to become accustomed to the calorie intake that you have at your points range, right? It’s definitely not something that I’m going to have in my ‘plan’ to do, as in a set day each week of eating whatever, because I have too hard of a time getting back at it again…no willpower you might say LOL…but might be something to try if you are *stuck* on a plateau and you have the willpower to get yourself back on track the very next day…just might get a move-on on things (you didn’t hear that from me…I’m just thinking out loud … hee hee)

So anyways, no guilt here…just going to DO IT

Well, I’m off to bed…Abbie got some money from her Grandpa for Christmas and she wants to spend it at the Disney store instead of Wal-mart (who’s girl IS this, anyway???? hahahah)…so we’re going to take her to the mall tomorrow and let her pick out something So I need to get some rest Been a busy week, of course, and rest sounds SOOO nice

Have a great one!!! Good luck and God bless!!! (((HUGS)))

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By Lisa
On 12.26.02
At 9:57 pm
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Julie Says:

Hang in there! Tomorrow’s a new day!


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