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Well, I’m sure most of you in the dieting-blog community have heard of the article that was being done for the New York Times on Diet Blogs…alot of people that I *know* on the net were contacted and interviewed for this article…and it’s out today Check it out!!
Finding Comfort in Strangers With An Online Diet Journal

As for my scale…it’s back down…musta been a fluke gain…hopefully tomorrow will be just peachy

I’m SOOO excited about the new Flex Points Program…I have had alot of people questioning about what I know about it. Basically, here is what I know…Instead of having your 5 pt. range (e.g. 22-26) you will have a set number which is, I believe, 2 points above your lowest in your range…so if you were in the 22-26 range, your target number is 24. You are to eat that number EVERY day. Then on top of that, you have 35 ‘Flex Points’ to use within the week. Once the week is up, you can no longer use them. The nice thing here is, you can use them however you want…you can use 5 FP’s a day or you can save all of them and use them in one shot for a night out on the town. It doesn’t matter. And when you count your points and journal them, the new ‘journals’ are more of a checkbook style journal. And now, instead of adding up the points you have used, you will start the day with your points and each time you have something to eat, you subtract it from the balance of points you have for the day, then adding in any Activity points or Flex Points that you might decide to use. Therefore you have a ‘debit/credit’ type of deal like the checkbook. It sounds awesome, and everyone has had good to say about it so far

Oh…and if you have tried to send me an e-mail any time since Saturday, I did not receive it, just so you know. My internet provider had some problems and when I finally got to get my mail late last night, I received 2….so I KNOW that a ton of mail was lost, because I usually average 40-60 a day between junk mail, my groups I’m in and personal ones…so don’t feel bad if I don’t write back…I just never got them

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Julie Says:

I thought that article was pretty good. Interesting that it’s easier for us to share our dieting ups and downs online with cyberfriends than it us with those around us.

I’ve started using the Flex Points system and I like it so far. Seems to be real easy to follow.

Have a wonderful day Lisa and I know that scale will be heading right back down where it belongs :)


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