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I updated my main site last night, and added a few new recipes. I’m working on some new tips/tricks for staying active and avoiding food…hopefully will have that up in a few days.

Quiet here again today…Clint is still working 12’s from the blackout…so it’s just me and the girls. I think we are going to run to the grocery store and get a cake mix to make cupcakes and some FF ice cream to celebrate my 31st bday today. I had such a hard time last year with turning 30, and this year really doesn’t feel as big of a deal…just going to be a quiet one at home

The scale is UP a little this morning I’m NOT happy about that…I have been right on track and eating at my lowest/mid range. I do believe that I need to be eating UNDER my lowest number to lose though…I was seeing larger constant losses when I wasn’t filling my points…I’m going to try for that today and see what the scale looks like tomorrow…hopefully it’s better

I did my 3 mile WATP tape last night…I haven’t even put that one in since before I was pregnant with Megan…and I did the WHOLE thing! I was sweating and moving and felt awesome It was definitely a better overall workout than just my 2 miles I walk 3-5 times per week…it made me stay at a good pace…I have a great walking CD but some of the songs are a bit slower beat than others and I tend to walk according to the beat…so this kept me at a steady pace. I finally saw the infomercial on Body Flex this morning…I’m seriously thinking of ordering this as it seems awesome ( http://www.bodyflex.com )…I’m waiting for a few replies from the people at Dotti’s to see how they like it (the ones who have it) and go from there…but you lose an average of 7 inches in the first week…it tells you you can lose 4-14 inches in the first week…and it’s all aerobic breathing and resistance training…the kit comes with 2 videos, a tape measure, and the gym bar, plus a carrying bag and some other stuff…not too bad So I’m anxious to hear some feedback on it. If anyone reading here has this and has tried it or is doing it, please let me know what you think!!

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Vrai Says:

Happy Bday Lisa! Sorry the scale was up, I am sure tomorrow will be better. That Body Flex thing sounds really interesting. I will be anxious to see what you find out about it.
I need to go by your main site and check out your recipes for when I can start eating regular food. I look forward to the tips and tricks you will be adding. ((Big Hugs))


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