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I added a BUNCH of new reads to my list FINALLY…there are SO many new journals out there from women that have jumped on the weight-loss wagon It’s awesome to see so many people getting active!!! Love it!

Now on to HUNGER…sheesh…I wanna take back my ‘I can’t fill my points’ comment in the worst way…I know that it is almost TOM, and that’s the reason, but STILL…I was doing SO good eating pretty evenly throughout the day, then yesterday hit…I was seriously HUNGRY all day…grumbly stomach and all…so I downed some water, not satisfying…chewed some gum…STILL not satisfying…Good news is, I never went over in points…but MAN was it a tough day…I even was awaken last night by my grumbly stomach…that NEVER happens…

Even though it was hard not to eat, I am finding myself LIKING the ‘hungry-grumbly’ feeling…weird huh? Instead of eating all day everyday out of pure boredom…I’m finding myself waiting for that grumble…I’m not eating just because it’s ‘time’ (e.g. dinner is ready…I’m awake now, that means breakfast, etc.) I made meatloaf and mashed potatoes last night because Clint has been wanting it (he is SO good with eating what I can have mostly…but sometimes he still wants that meat)…and I never had a BITE of it…still haven’t…I just wasn’t hungry…it’s a really motivating feeling…I’m not feeling ‘consumed’ by food…like, it’s there, gotta eat it…hopefully I won’t be eating those words in a week also (no pun intended)…but it’s a real NSV (non-scale victory) for me…I’m not feeling like food is controlling ME…I’M controlling the food!!!

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By Lisa
On 08.23.03
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Julie Says:

I don’t think it’s weird to like that feeling. I like it too. It means I’m actually getting hungry not just stuffing myself silly every day. That’s a first for me.

Good for you for staying strong and staying within your points even being hungry all day. You made the right choices WTG Lisa!!


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