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DOWN 3.8 I’m SO excited I am SO psyched that I’m back on the ball…I have had such a THIN-feeling day today…my shorts that I always wear kept FALLING DOWN…I have at LEAST 2″ in the waist TOO BIG…I feel AMAZING today

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By Lisa
On 08.19.03
At 9:09 pm
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Julie Says:

Lisa that’s so awesome about the weight loss so far. And that thin feeling is the best!! Congrats to you

Keep up the great work. (((hugs)))

kim Says:

So - what did you learn about the flex points? I never went after my first 4 meetings a couple of years ago and then bought ww at home to get the whole program. Wasn’t that impressed. But the plan overall works for me at home without going to the meetings. Was just wondering about this flex points thing.

Vrai Says:

Woooo Hooo! You go girl!!! Must be something in the air!! LOL I woke up feeling great as well. I weighed myself and I have lost 11 pounds in 8 days!!!! I am so excited!! I can’t wait till my shorts start falling off too!! rotf
*big grins*


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