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Had to dodge-em today…I just got back from a 2 mile walk (at my best time so far, I might add, YAY)…and it was like running hurdles with all the goose poops…LOL…there’s a pond near the track where I walk, so the geese do like to hang out…guess the grass isn’t good enough for their tooshes to poo in…so I had to dodge em…bet you’re glad you stopped here today LOL

But yeah, my best 2 mile time yet So…what else…hmmm…well, I have been getting some really great comments/tags/emails again Seems you all are like me, when there is actually something HAPPENING with someone’s weight loss, you seem to be a bit more involved So I thank you all for all the great pep-talks and advice, and even those seeking help and advice…I love it

Scale is still my friend as of this morning But I am wondering what my *official* weigh-in will be tomorrow…I KNOW I have lost a few *wink* but I forgot that I have been weighing myself first thing in the morning at home, and my meeting is at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow…I hope that doesn’t make a big difference on the numbers…I am going to stop eating after I have my lunch tomorrow at noon, and stop all water after 2:00 p.m. And make sure I pee before hand too…LOL…It should be good I’m excited Then NEXT week is when they launch the new Flext Points…the new program I’m very interested and anxious for that meeting to see ALL the details I know the basics now of what this new program is going to be, and it’s not much different, but I have read on the ‘net of some people’s leaders having all the info, and trying it, and one leader was even at a plateau, and just doing this new Flex Points thing, she dropped over 5 lbs. in the first week of trying it (can’t remember where I read that one) So it should be good…

Clint has been working SO many hours since that blackout we had…he’s at a chemical company and they had some major problems with the styrene freezing up, and now another major setback they are working on, so Saturday he put in 13 hours of overtime and yesterday 12 hours…he doesn’t work weekends usually so both days are complete overtime, which will be nice money-wise, but he’s whooped by the time he gets home…and he’ll probably be pulling 12 hours all this week, and possibly next weekend also…so things are going to be pretty dull around here without him around as much

Hope this finds you all doing wonderful on your journeys!!! I have found quite a few new journals out there of women that are starting their journeys online too, so I hope to have you all added to my reads soon There are some really great people out there ):

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Mel Says:

Good Luck Lisa on your weigh-in..I don’t think it will make a huge difference maybe a 1/2-1 lb difference. Just keep in mind that you are weighing at night and don’t let it be disapointing.

I am excited about Flex too..it was my leader that was on the plateau and dropped 5lbs the week she tried it I am interested to see how she did this week if it was still a tremendous loss or if she maintained.


Vrai Says:

Hi Lisa! Thanks for coming by and tagging me. It feels so good to finally BE on the weight LOSS journey!! *sighs* Only liquids is incredibly hard. I skipped yesterday, but am on my way to my journal now and will begin to record some of the emotional eating withdrawls I am having..its TOUGH but I know that IF I face this head on and go through it, then the other side will be a smooth ride. I am so glad to have such a wonderful mentor as you. Your weight loss testimony makes us all stronger! I really appreciate your sticking with it and sharing it all with us. I look forward to sharing the success with you!! ((HUGS))


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