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I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that the writing was so hard to read here…thanks for the comments I hope this color is better now

Wow, I had such a busy day…I have only used 10 points I’m having a hard time this round of WW, getting all of my points in…on Thursday, I banked 12 points…today, if I don’t eat before bed I will bank 18 points…I will probably have a bowl of cereal and toast before bed, so that will put me at 13 banked points…I’m also having a hard time, because, you know how you FINALLY get your mind in the right mind-set to just DO THIS, and it consumes you??? That’s how I feel…I’m SO gung-ho about succeeding and doing this RIGHT NOW that I am having a hard time even eating anything…I feel like if I just stay busy, I won’t want to eat, but then by the time dinner comes, I realize I have *forgotten* to eat, and have to fill my points before bed…

I know I can’t continue doing this because my metabolism will slow down dramatically and I will quit losing…and also it’s my first week again of really following my points, but I can’t believe how MUCH the scale is moving!!! As of this morning I am down 5 lbs So, although I’m loving the numbers, I know I can’t keep not eating…I just had my cereal, and now I’m muching on 2 servings (4 pts) of Baked Lays…that puts me at 10 banked points…that’s a little better

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By Lisa
On 08.16.03
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Candi Says:

WOW Lisa!! You are doing great!! I love reading your positive words! You have a great attitude right now…keep it up! Also…congrats on the clothes fitting and being too big!! That had to be the best feeling ever!! way to go hun!!

Lee Says:

I think the flex points notion will mitigate the metabolism slow down.


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