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Yep, we were in the power outage…horrible…it was SO hot and muggy But we survived it just fine…:) It’s SOOO weird not having the simple things though…you walk in a room and still automatically hit a light switch, etc. LOL…all in all it was kinda nice though…no tv’s, no computer, no noise…just US…together

Let’s talk scales…I was on mine yet again today…I can’t help it…it’s moving SO much, that I’m hooked…LOL…ok…I weighed in officially Tuesday night at 5:00 p.m. I weighed myself this morning (Friday)…which means just 2-1/2 days later, and I’m down 4 LBS!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL…I’m SO stinkin excited about next Tuesday, I’m bustin…LOL…so I was 254.4 on Tuesday, and my scale at home is showing me at 250 and teetered on 250.5…so I’m considering it 4 lbs. as my scale only reads 1/2 lbs. not 10ths…could be a bit over 4

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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By Lisa
On 08.15.03
At 9:23 am
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Milenka Says:

Congratulations on the continued loss, sweetie!

Is it just me, or is your blog really hard to read? I freely admit to having vision issues, so it totally could be me, but the font seems really small and too close to the background in color…

Anyhow, I’ll be baaaaaack…to see how the weigh-in goes!

Milenka Says:

I can read it! Thank you *so* much, sweetie! Yay!

Kim Says:

I’ve been reading your webpage/blog for almost a year now I guess. Maybe more? I lost 40 lbs last year on ww before getting pg again. *sigh* have the same 40-50 lbs to lose again. Your humor inspires me.

I too have a hard time reading the blog. The text is almost invisible on the background on my monitor. I have to lean in really close to the monitor to see it.


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