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The Good Ol’ Days

Remember the days of me being here EVERYDAY and posting faithfully???? heh heh heh

I have been kicking some serious BOO-TAY on the activity front…I am ALWAYS doing SOMETHING…I have been walking at LEAST 10 miles per week (usually 2 miles each time)…plus doing weights at night after Meggie’s in bed…plus the whole ‘Have - to - move - fast - and - constant - keeping - the - house - spotless - thing’…hahah…so I have had PLENTY of Activity…just never count/use the points from it…

Here’s the problem…even though I’m doing all this moving, and I’m doing pretty good on my eating…I’m not seeing the scale move OR my measurements change…what’s up with that?!?!?!? This is usually where I start thinking ‘It’s not helping’ and I start slacking…surprisingly enough this time, I’m not doing that…I’m gung-ho and want to keep moving (even though my body yells at me to STOP sometimes)…AND, before this week, I admit, I was lacking in the water-drinking department, now I’m kicking butt on that, thanks to a little *challenge* I’m in…but my scale is seriously fluctuating up to 3 lbs. in one day!!!!!! It’s unreal!!! One day I will be down like 3 lbs. and the next morning 2 more are back…sometimes all 3 are back!!!! what the fudge?????? I’m kinda ticked…and not sure what’s causing it other than the possibility of water weight to have that much fluctuation…any thoughts on this????

Can’t wait for the government check to come…ours is the one that gets sent out in the 2nd batch which is this Friday…but wouldn’t you know it, Clint’s truck needs worked on…never fails, there’s always SOMETHING that needs done when extra $$$ comes around, but you know what…in the same breath, it IS always there when it’s needed

I think that’s it on my end…still plugging along!!!

LATER ~ Didn’t do weights tonight…I’ve been non-stop since I got home from work…but I did get 128 oz. of water in today and did my 2.5 miles walking…not too shabby

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By Lisa
On 07.30.03
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Yvonne Says:

Lisa, I hear your scale-fluctuation pain!!! I’m seriously thinking about buying a new one. Hmph. But bravo on all the good work you’re doing!!!


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