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Wow, haven’t done any participation in a LONG time…so here’s today WIW

Has your weight or your health held you back from anything? This is interesting…I don’t actually blame my WEIGHT for holding me back…I blame ME for LETTING my weight hold me back. I have missed out on ALOT in the past 8-10 years for sure because I am so self-concious about my weight. I have come up with excuses after excuses not to go out with friends, not to go anywhere basically, and all because I’m scared to death to run into someone that I haven’t seen in a few years. Even though I actually look BETTER than I did a few months ago, to them, I will actually look WORSE than the last time I saw them…so I avoid that situation if at all possible. I did, however, receive an amazing e-mail last week from an amazing person, and it has really helped me see what is really important…I hope *twin* doesn’t mind me sharing this here, but I’m sure it can put into perspective ALOT for others too…I know it keeps smacking me in the face everytime I start feeling a bit down…

So that you understand the meaning of her message, she was in a bad car accident on Easter of this year….

~After the accident you kind of look at everything differently. Bills are just
bills, money is just that-only money. J and I both had a hard time. He still
worries everytime I go anywhere, or am gone longer then he thinks
I would be. I know you hear people say after some near death event, live
every day to it’s fullest, well it’s true. Do you think that bills, money,
my dress size, etc, matters when we are gone. You know that answer to that
one. Just be happy, surround yourself with family and friends you love. If
you aren’t happy with something change it.
If there are people around you
who are dragging you down, drop them. You only live once…~

So, even though my weight has held me back in the past, it won’t any longer!!!

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