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Wow…I just realized how BADLY I have been neglecting my main LessLisa weight loss site. But, if I’m avoiding the scale, I guess there’s really not much to update there huh?? LOL…What a depressing hour I have just spent on the internet. I checked out my ‘Success’ link on my main site, it’s links I added a long time ago of other weight-loss sites and haven’t checked them out in awhile. I am now going to have to sort through them and delete probably more than half of them…either because they havent’ been updated in over a year, or the page is no longer there. Kind of depressing isn’t it???

Then I see the date on my main page that it was last updated on…are people thinking the same of me?? That I have ‘given up’ and deserted my page??? NO WAY JOSE!!!! I hope that’s not what they think anyways…I don’t want to be one of the people that just gave up…

My motivation is somehow renewed though, let me tell ya…I think that avoiding the scale is helping that…I’m not focusing on the ups and downs that happen on a daily basis…I don’t know how soon I will weigh-in again, but I want to feel a difference in my clothes maybe…THEN weigh and have a surprise I have been walking AT LEAST one mile everyday…I haven’t done my weights, only because I am walking on my lunch break during work and as soon as I get home I’m lugging boxes up the stairs from the basement for the garage sale…I think that’s a good workout in itself!!

Just don’t give up on me, as I haven’t given up in the LEAST

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By Lisa
On 06.11.03
At 9:23 pm
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dekora Says:

hi lisa!!! i’ve been the same way with my journal - just haven’t been able to get back into things since i’ve been sick I am definitely getting back on track starting next Monday!!! I’ve given myself permission to veg out this week (finish off all the chocolate in the house, the soda, the snacks etc. LOL). happy to have you with us at PALS! hope you’re having a great week.


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