Sorry I haven’t been posting too much about the weight loss / exercise thing…not too much to chat about I guess, now that I’m avoiding the scale…LOL…I am still walking everyday and doing weights as often as I can…we are having a garage sale next weekend at my parents house, so getting ready for that is really keeping me busy…we also added a small addition onto our barn out back…we have a cow, but we keep her at a friends farm, so we’re getting our barn ready to bring her here in a week or so…plus this week we are getting 2 pigs…LOL…I never enjoyed the whole ‘farm’ thing much when I was younger, but I love being around the animals and can’t wait to have them here…so, that has been keeping me pretty active lately too…we went today and got some paint to get the barn and addition all painted, so that will get tackled this week too

I have been really good with eating and staying in points, and it’s weird because if I have ONE thing that I’m not supposed to, I SWEAR it feels like I gained 10 lbs So, I’m avoiding that situation…I have been reverting back to reading my Victoria’s Secret, Weight Watchers and Self magazines and getting that ‘thin-spiration’ back…knowing WHY I’m doing this journey and what I want to look like…I have come to the conclusion that I don’t even care what I would look like in a bathing suit, stretch marks and all…I just want to be able to pick out a cute outfit off the rack at a NORMAL size store and be able to wear it and look cute…no pudges anywhere…LOL

I had some bad news yesterday…I girl I graduated with was murdered this past Wednesday. The circumstances behind it seem to be drug-related. We were never ‘close’ friends but friends none-the-less. She has a 12 year old daughter now, with no mom…I was SO upset yesterday when I found out it was her…but it got me thinking…don’t get me wrong, I’m FAR from being in a drug-related or any kind of bad situation…but what if that were ‘ME’??? Do I really want the rest of my life to be about worrying about my weight??? I don’t want to waste any more time feeling horrible about myself and wasting all that precious time of my life battling my weight. I want to do this NOW and have a life free of worries about things that could have been prevented, such as my weight…I don’t want something *God forbid* to happen and take my life, and my oldest daughter just remember that ‘Mommy was always trying to get skinny’…know what I mean??? It’s so sad that something as horrible as losing this friend puts things into perspective and what life should REALLY be about…

“The best angle from which to approach any problem, is the TRY-angle…”
— Unknown