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Ya’ll are gonna smack me, but I didn’t weigh in this morning…truthfully, I forgot to…but…after my last posts here, that is a GOOD thing…hahah…even though it’s my weigh-in day, I have already gotten myself to stop stepping on the scale everyday, today included…hahah..DUH…oh well…I haven’t been on the scale in probably 3 or 4 days…that’s a RECORD for me…I think while I’m sleeping at night someone sticks magnets to my feet, and they are completely drawn to the scale first thing in the morning, so this has been a nice little hurdle I conquered this week I may weigh-in tomorrow morning and then I’ll let ya know what I see

I am feeling SO positive again with my journey…just takes me a few days to get out of my funk, and I’m back at it full swing…SO…I just finished emptying out my fridge, shelves and all and scrubbed it down completely…now I’m working on my floors, kitchen and bathrooms…I’m a busy girl today Just sat down to have some chicken noodle soup for lunch, and I’m off again

I didn’t even realize till last night that it’s been almost a month since I updated my main LessLisa site with my weigh-ins and whatevers…I have been such a slacker on that page Need to get back into that also

I haven’t got much to ramble about today if you couldn’t tell…I just wanted to update you on my weigh-in today I will be back later or tomorrow Busy busy and need to keep moving

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By Lisa
On 05.25.03
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Melissa Says:

Lisa…you are an inspiration. I am the same way and as soon as the 26th is over I will be sending my scale a packing with Ron to work. This week I am cleaning out my fridge and cupboards and starting at square one again and my only focus is going to be on eating healthy and not how many pounds did I lose this week.


Lee Says:

Hi Sweetie - you mean the scale is no longer a major character in the book of your life? Good on ya!


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