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Well, now that we aren’t so worried about Miss Meggie…things are getting back to normal, and that includes my eating…

Clint and I were heading to bed last night, and I climbed in bed, he headed for the bathroom, and when he came out and got in bed, he said ‘I hate that scale sometimes’…(I have a Tanita with the body fat % on it)…and I asked him why and he goes ‘cuz it shows me at ### (don’t want to post his weight…he’s worse than a girl with that…but it was about 3 lbs. higher) and my body fat % is down to 26%’…after I finish GAGGING…hahahahaha…I told him it’s because muscle weighs more than fat…then I got to thinking…yeah, I know … ‘here we go’….hahaha…

He has been working so much on a porch he’s been building with my cousins, and I have noticed a change in his body already just from the time he’s put in on that…I WANT to start weight-lifting again and see that change!! I had my mind so set AGAINST the weight lifting because it was discouraging that I wasn’t seeing the scale move downward…as I built muscle, the inches were literally falling off of me, but the scale wouldn’t budge or would go up a pound or two…But, what I do know is once that stall in the beginning is over, the weight WILL fall off too, and even continue to help my body burn fat ALL day…I realized today (yeah, after what, 2 YEARS of doing WW between pregnancies) that I want not only a THIN body but I want a STRONG body…Even with the weight I have already lost, my body, in no way, shape, or form, is STRONG. Every part of me still wiggles where it shouldn’t…and another thing is, Megan is already weaning herself from nursing…I dont’ want them babies to look like pancakes either (believe me, I have been FLASHED by my 95 year old Great Aunt before, it’s not pretty…seriously…) I have been praying for God to give me back my motivation, and the willpower to get myself going again…and this morning all of a sudden I have this urgency to do the weights again…I think it’s what I need to do…

So, after that said, here’s my problem with all that…When I see a gain on the scale, not only do *I* feel let down, I feel like everyone out there reading this and watching my progress thinks ‘oh man, here goes another one who’s gonna fail’ whenever they see a small gain posted…I just want to be sure that you all understand what I’m going to be doing, and there is going to be some ups and down on the scale for awhile, but be sure to check my measurements chart once in awhile too, as I will take them at least once a month to see the changes (Yes, I AM trying to talk myself into this mindset too…LOL) Anyways, even though I’m doing this change for ME, I still feel like it’s also out here for all of you to see to motivate you also…so I don’t want to let you down…just bear with the first couple of weeks with me, and we’ll all see the inches falling off me again hahahah…So basically, to sum this post up…SCREW THE SCALE…I’m gonna watch my inches and sizes go down

I think that’s about it for me for today…I have some work I need to finish up Have a great one!!! I hope you all are doing great…I will be around to my ‘dailies’ soon…I haven’t had time to visit hardly at all (((HUGS))) to ya’s all!!!!!

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By Lisa
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Mel Says:

Oh Lisa…you wrote exactly what I have been feeling too. I have been hung up on that darn scale and I do really good for a few days and nothing changes on the scale so I get depressed…depleted and in my head I tell myself whats the point. I think I am just in a struggling moment…I am just trying to hang on and I think I am going to send that darn scale with Ron to the camp and just do what I got to do and only weigh myself every couple of weeks or once a month.

I love to see your successes and your not so successful weeks because then I know I am normal too. lol You and me Girl…we are going to get our tall thinner selves back!! We can do it!!((HUGS))


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