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Whatever you believe, whatever feels best for you, whether it be saying a prayer for us, to just keeping us in your thoughts, I need to ask that you do this for Megan. Today we had to rush her to the ER, because it seems she is having seizures Long story short (it’s late and I’m whooped) she has started to sporadically shake. Her head will wobble back and forth as if she’s saying ‘no’ but you can tell it’s an uncontrollable thing…not like a ‘oooh , mommy, this looks cool’ kinda thing…ya know when you see an old person that their head wobbles this way uncontrollably? That’s what Megan is doing. Then the arm started. Her right arm has begun to flail uncontrollably also. from her elbow down will move in a way that she smacks herself in her chest repeatedly. The head shakes and the hand will only last a couple of seconds, then it’s gone. Today, these ‘episodes’ were off and on, every few minutes for a total of about 40 minutes when she finally fell asleep on me. Before she fell asleep, the episodes seemed to get a bit worse to the point where even her eyes looked different. Kind of ‘dazed’…so, ER did tests everything came back just fine. We have to get her to a neurologist ASAP and they do and EEG?? is that right?? where they put the little sticky things on her head and watch her brain activity. So, anyways, she’s sleeping just peaceful as can be in her bed for the night now, and I’m just praying that tomorrow is a better day. I just wanted to post here, as there is nothing we can do right now for her, except document what we see her doing and what is happening when she starts this, and PRAY. The BEST thing for her now is as many prayers as possible to get her through this and that it turns out to be nothing serious. I can handle medication for her, whatever it takes to make my girl better…just so she’s BETTER…thank you ALL so much!!!!

P.S. Julie, *twin* if you read this, I will call you tomorrow sometime!! I wanted to let you know tonight, but it was SO late (((HUGS)))

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By Lisa
On 05.15.03
At 8:56 pm
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MIlenka Says:


My thoughts are with you and your family right now, sweetie! Let me know if there’s anything I can do…

Dani Says:

Oh, gosh, Lisa… I am so sorry to hear about that… you and your family are in my prayers as well. Take care.

Dixie Says:

My love and prayers are with you always in this time of need

Joanna Says:

My prayers are with you and your little angel. I pray for strength and healing. *^_^*

Amy Says:

Lisa, I will be praying for your little girl and your family.


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