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Ready for the weekend?!?!?

My mom is on vacation this week and next, so I’m in the office both weeks EVERYDAY with both kids…Abbie has pre-school on M-W-F but it’s been very tiring…I usually am only in the office on M-W-F and work from home on Tues & Wed…you wouldn’t think 2 more days would make that much difference…LOL…So, anyways, that’s the reason that my site isn’t back to it’s normal self yet…I still have a few links, graphics, and other things that need fixing…so I will get to that as soon as I possibly can

Things are going really well on my end, although the scale hasn’t been budging yet this week I am hoping it’s just my body adjusting to the new points range…we’ll see on Sunday

OH!!!!!!!! I have to post this…haha…I went to wal-mart yesterday after work, and just *thought* I would look and see if they had any decent shorts that I like, since they NEVER have any styles that I like there…well, lo and behold, I find a really cute pair of khaki/tan shorts with a cute buckle, cute pockets and all…so I grab them, and guess what size they are?!?!?!? 18!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAHOOOOOo….this surprised the CRUD outta me cuz like I said, scale isn’t my friend and moving lately..I haven’t taken my measurements in FOREVER though, so that could be the reason for the drop in size…I started out in a TIGHT 24, and lookie me now hahahahha…I was SOOOOOO freakin excited I know that clothes sizes are always different depending on who they are made by..but WHO CARES…something that *I* own, actually has the number 1-8 on it, and FITS!!!!!! hahahahahha…

I’m FINALLY getting over being sick…I’m still blah, but the worst is definitely over. Anyone keeping up with American Idol?!?!?! I was so sad to see Kimberly go last night, but those three are ALL very awesome, and I hated to see any of them go…as long as Rueben wins, it’s all good I voted for him 4 times this week

Oh, since most of my most recent entries are gone, I wanted to post this link again just in case you weren’t able to see the pictures And, I just checked them, and I guess they aren’t uploaded again yet…LOL…I will get them uploaded when I get home, and update this post so that you can see them

Hope you all are doing just wonderful!!!!!!!!

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