Here it is for this week, with some help from Mallory…I’ll be back later for a regular journal entry!!!

1. What is scary about losing weight? I think the scariest thing for me is actually being able to accept the fact that I AM getting smaller…you get so used to that ’stay in the house/keep to myself/don’t draw any attention towards me….that I do feel a little scared about getting out there and being myself again. But I’m DOING it
2. Do you have hidden payoffs for remaining overweight? If so, what are they? I’m really not sure what is meant by the ‘hidden payoffs’…guess I’ll have to think about this one!
3. If you lost weight, what else would you lose? My defensiveness towards others. I found myself feeling SO poorly about myself, that I would automatically assume they were ‘eyeing’ me and thinking nasty things about me, even if someone just glanced at me. So I have already shed most of this…and hope to rid it ALL, and realize that it was ME that had the problem, not them….OH! and I would also lose all my FAT clothes!!!!! hahahahah

These were GREAT questions Back later and update on my new domain too