Day #3 PERFECTLY OP…!!!! I am having to find things to fill my points again, just as I did when I first started WW That makes me feel AWESOME!!! Like I’m not overdoing it in the least. I just filled my points with a nice cold glass of milk. Was craving that today

And also, I was down another 1/2 lb. this morning!!! That means just ONE MORE lb. to go by Monday…I think it’ll happen Long as my ‘monthly’ doesn’t show…LOL…it’s due anytime and the headaches sure are fierce this month…so here’s hoping!!!

I did get my CD artwork designed and done…the CD’s will get sent out next week…So, everyone on the 2 teams with me…you will see them soon Nothing spectacular on the art, but they look cute. I did my songs and I hope you all like them…started out and ended with a few slow songs to warm up and cool down with, and in the middle are some good ones I like to walk to especially…they are good for weight lifting too though, so I hope you like them…I am so excited to get mine…I can’t wait!!!!!

Quick post tonight, just wanted to check in…hope you all are doing great!!!!