Friday, July 13, 2012


Posted by Lisa on 01.28.09

Ok, so I had to post and let you all know that I updated my 25 random things about myself. And also because my last post was my 666th post. I needed to get past it. Add that to my 25 things.

Weigh in…

Posted by Lisa on 01.27.09

Just a quick check-in to let you know about this weeks weigh-in. I lost 1.6 lbs. The exact amount I gained last week. I have a good feeling about this coming week!


Posted by Lisa on 01.26.09

Hello to all the new visitors coming from Pasta Queen! Thanks for the link Jennette! Today, as I do each week, I cleaned my parents house. This week, she had a great surprise for me…8 boxes of old photos for me to take home and go through! I had asked her for them a few [...]

One more way to burn calories…

Posted by Lisa on 01.22.09

Like other households with young children, I’m sure our house is no different when I say that I have just completed yet another day where I feel like I was yelling and on my kids about cleaning up, pretty much from the time they got home from school. You know, the moments where you can [...]

Random things about me…

Posted by Lisa on 01.21.09

I posted these on my Facebook and thought I would share here in case you really needed to know these odd things about me :) 1. I drive with both feet. Still. 2. I have OCD and depression…it’s fun at my house :) 3. When I’m writing, if the pen has a lid, it has [...]

Can you help?

Posted by Lisa on

Jennette @ Pasta Queen is going to “Bop to the Top – 37 stories of pain” this Saturday to raise money for the Riley Children’s Hospital, Indiana’s first and only pediatric facility. Jennette says, “Tired of taking part in horizontal races, I’ve chosen to partake in a vertical race up 37 floors of the One [...]

Personal Trainer…

Posted by Lisa on 01.19.09

I got myself a personal trainer!!!! Now before you and I get TOO excited…it’s Clint. I mean, it’s Clint!!!!! He sat me down yesterday, and told me he would love to be my trainer. But on his terms. His terms?!?! They are: *He is the boss while we work out, like any other trainer would [...]

Eating with your stomach, not your eyes…

Posted by Lisa on 01.18.09

If you’re like me, and are looking to get kicked out of the ‘Clean Plate Club’…here’s a new article from CNN. Eating with your stomach, not your eyes

..and she said ‘what a good girl am I’…

Posted by Lisa on 01.17.09

Yes people. I chose this over pizza: AND. By the time the pizza was delivered, I had already eaten that amazing dinner, and the pizza didn’t even smell good!

Baaaaad habit.

Posted by Lisa on 01.16.09

Today, I have spent alot of time really thinking before I eat. Whether I’m truly hungry. Whether I’m bored. Whether I’m upset. Whether I’m thirsty. You know, all the things I’m supposed to do. But on top of all of that, I realized how badly I talk to myself in my head. I was getting [...]

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