I got myself a personal trainer!!!! Now before you and I get TOO excited…it’s Clint.
I mean, it’s Clint!!!!!
He sat me down yesterday, and told me he would love to be my trainer. But on his terms. His terms?!?! They are:

*He is the boss while we work out, like any other trainer would be. (He knows this is the only place he’s boss, so I’m giving him this one. *wink*)

*He’s gonna be a male-Jillian. When he says go, I go. No whining, no complaining, just giving him what he’s asking for.

*We will be downstairs, in the workout room M-F every week.

So doesn’t sound to harsh, but I know he’s gonna be kicking my butt. Just what the doctor ordered!!
I will…I repeat WILL post pics of the weight room tonight so you all can finally see the area! And I will update tonight on how many times I puked when it’s over.

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  1. karen on January 20, 2009 1:15 pm

    thats so cool lisa, it will a good thing to have an accountablity partner. have fun with all those workouts. have a wonderful day. karen

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