I posted these on my Facebook and thought I would share here in case you really needed to know these odd things about me :)

1. I drive with both feet. Still.
2. I have OCD and depression…it’s fun at my house :)
3. When I’m writing, if the pen has a lid, it has to be stuck to the bottom of the pen, or I can’t use it.
4. I chew the insides of my cheeks when I’m upset.
5. I love to box. Like boxing. Not putting stuff in a box.
6. Laughing is a pretty big hobby of mine. And it’s not a quiet one, either.
7. I cannot hear or see anyone brush their teeth. I will throw up.
8. Did beer shots for the first time a few months ago. Funnest night ever. It included puke being thrown (not me). Classic.
9. You may think it’s funny to try and scare me, but be prepared to get punched. Natural reaction.
10. I went through a very short period where I thought Amish men were hot.
11. And…there goes the laughing.
12. I am a very messy perfectionist. Figure THAT one out.
13. I get bored with songs very quickly. My iPod is forever changing.
14. In the same breath, there are some albums from when I was little that I can listen to over and over.
15. I love sporks - they’re pretty much amazing.
16. I do things in 4. Oops! Finger touched thumb?? Let’s do it 3 more times.
17. I have only been to 3 concerts my whole life. Stevie Wonder in 9th grade, Tori Amos in 2001 and Casting Crowns in 2007.
18. I could spend hours in the office supply stores.
19. and in the paper supply isles at Walmart / Target.
20. I love the smell of old books.
21. I’m a Wii / Wii Fit addict. Gamer, I am not.
22. Ferris Bueller is and forever will be my favorite movie ever.
23. I believe in ghosts and UFO’s.
24. My best friends are all related to me.
25. I cannot sleep unless the closet door is shut all the way and I have at least one foot outside the covers.

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  1. karen on January 22, 2009 9:08 pm

    how the workout going with your hubby?

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