Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wait till you see!

Posted by Lisa on 02.28.11

You all think I was nuts before? Go see what I signed myself up for!

It’s a 2.91 mile race. Mouse over the pictures to see the 13 obstacles that have to be cleared through the trail. I’m SO excited! Clint signed up with me, as did my cousin Julie, her husband, an another cousin of ours! That is going to be the ge portable dishwasher toughest physical endurance challenge ever, and at the same time, I know we will be laughing our hineys off the entire time! Cannot WAIT! Oh yeah, and that fuzzy helmet pictured up there?? Oh yes we do…get to wear one while racing.

I have been struggling with my body image lately. It’s been a bit of a setback, bringing up emotional eating again, but the past few days have gotten better, and I’m working on getting a visit to the psych at the clinic where I had the surgery done. Just need to find out what I can do to get over this hurdle. I just feel like my brain refuses to catch up with the physical changes that have happened, and it’s hard to accept still. Weird. I thought being skinny would make everything so easy! Crazy idea, huh?

I have joined a Body Blast class at a local community center. It’s a one hour non-stop, work your entire body, workout. Thursday was my first class, and it was intense. I can finally walk today without pain. I go every Tuesday and Thursday now, so thank goodness I had a few days to recover. Can’t wait to see the results!

Clint has also joined the gym at the same community center and has been working out 4 days a week (sometimes 5 if he can make it there before they close on Fridays) so that has been a great motivator for me too. He’s such an awesome support system.

Still maintaining weight loss. I fluctuate 3-5 lbs. up or down, but holding steady.