Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Daily Training Activity

This page shows what my activity is daily, and changes in my measurements over a month at a time.
‘Lippy’ is my elliptical, for those of you who don’t know. I am no longer going to journal daily, as it’s the same routine every day.
I am on a training schedule for boxing. My schedule is the following, 6 days per week (Sat – Thurs):

* 1-2 miles per night on Lippy.
* 100-200 ‘broom twists’.
* 5 full sit-ups with ‘twist’ at the top (left elbow touches right knee, right elbow touches left knee)
* 2 – 2 minute rounds of jump rope.
* 3 rounds of Arm circles – holding 1-1/2 lb. weights, stretch arms out to side and do small circles forward, then in reverse, then punch portable dishwashers to the front (30 seconds each movement).
* 3 – 3 minute rounds of boxing – jabs and 1-2 punchs and working on movement, moving around the bag, and one-two-three (left jab, short right, left hook) combination punches.

Date Chest Waist Hips Thigh Calf Bicep
06/07/06 46.5 44.5 52.5 26.5 16.5 15.5
07/01/06 45 41.5 50.5 26 16 15