Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Posted by Lisa on 10.21.10

Few and far between lately, aye?? I am under my goal by 3 lbs. now and holding nicely. Energy levels are amazing. Especially since I discovered COFFEE. Ever heard of it? I have never, and I mean NEVER, been a caffeine person. Before my surgery, never had it, never cared to have it, and never understood the desire people had for their caffeine fix. It never gave me that ‘jolt’ that I expected when having it. best portable dishwasher Now, since the surgery, I have avoided caffeine. It’s not recommended after surgery (because of the diuretic effects). Now that I am close to 10 months out, I decided to be naughty and try a cup of *gasp* FULL-CAFFEINE coffee. Seriously, my now much smaller body can feel the difference! I don’t feel sluggish after I have a cup of coffee. Gives me a little get-up-and-go! I loves me some coffee.

My clothing sizes have changed again. I can now wear Medium (SAY WHAT?!?!) shirts, and size 8/10 pants. I was NEVER this small in my entire adult life, or the last 2 years of high school either. CR.AAAAAAA.ZY

I have stuck with my word and registered for my first 5K run which is coming up a week from this Saturday (October 30th). My training has been slow but sure and my distance has improved and my recovery between run/walk sprints has greatly improved and I’m actually beginning to enjoy running! I never thought I would reach that feeling. It was like death creeping up on me after 30 seconds of running/jogging.

I’m really at a stand-still as to where I should take this website now that I have reached my goal. I will be focusing more on my maintenance at this point, so we’ll see what ends up showing up here!

Thank you for all of you who still peek in once in awhile!!!