Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh the things you’ll be…

Posted by Lisa on 09.16.10

I have gone through a stall in losses for about a month. All of a sudden it’s falling off again at a great speed! I am now only 2 lbs. from my goal. I now weigh 172 lbs. and my goal is 170 lbs. This is such a weird thing to say, but I could seriously not lose another pound and be perfectly content. portable dishwashers Thing is, mentally, I have to hit that goal before I feel like I am finally finished losing weight. What?? Done losing weight?? As in, not have to try and lose weight anymore??? For close to 20 years, that has been the one thing that has consumed me. Trying and trying to lose weight. Unsuccessfully.

I had my 9 month check-up last week and everthing is perfect. The main comments from each doctor I saw were, ‘Model patient’, ‘poster-child’, and my favorite, ‘You’re so TINY!!!’. It’s such a great feeling to go to the doctors and leave there with positive results, instead of how it used to be, where everytime I came home, I was on a new medication and something else was wrong. Now, all of my illnesses are GONE! No diabetes, no high cholesterol, no high blood pressure, PCOS symptoms are GONE, depression is SO much better, even my good cholesterol is still climbing higher and higher because of the exercise.

I’m still working on training for my first 5K on October 30th of this year. Thing is, I ran the day before yesterday, and the bottoms I had on (leggings and shorts) would fall down everytime I started to run. Definitely need to get some smaller clothes.

I will get more pictures up soon at my current weight. I’m getting alot of comments from people that I need to stop losing, and I even had someone who saw me for the first time in about 3 years, be very excited for my loss, and then asked ‘Are you ok? You’re not sick, are you???’.

The only bad thing that has come from this, is the loose skin. Mind you, it’s not as terrible as I expected, but I don’t like seeing myself naked. The ‘girls’ have gone south. And I don’t mean migrated. I mean they have taken up permanent residence in a very southern state. I have started weight training and hoping that the toning up will help some.