Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The scope of things…

Posted by Lisa on 08.11.10

I haven’t posted the past 2 weigh ins. Nothing has changed. Still at 177, up one or down one pretty daily right now. So a small stall.

I have had so much going on lately. I had another terrible spell about 2 weeks ago that lasted for 8 hours. I posted previously about the pain I would have and nothing would get rid of it. This time was 5 times worse than that. When I got in to see my surgeon to see what could be causing it, I told him my symptoms and he immediately said he would be shocked if it wasn’t my gallbladder and that I would probably need it removed. I had ultrasounds done, and they were in and out of the room 3 different times with doctors in and out and noone saying anything. Come to find out my gallbladder is fine (no stones) but what they were concerned with is that before my surgery I had an ultrasound done on my liver and they had found a ‘spot’ on my liver. The surgeon did a biopsy during surgery, and said everything came back fine. Well, when they did this ultrasound, they couldn’t find the spot any longer and the fatty liver was gone!! So losing 100 lbs. has helped my liver to heal completely! What great news!!!

So now that the ultrasound came back normal, this Friday I am having an endoscopy (I think that’s what they called it – the scope down my throat) to see if there is any trouble in my pouch or any kind of ulcer that might set off the pain.

In the meantime we have added a stable on to a garage that we have out back of our house and today we are having a fence installed for a pasture. Yep. We are getting horses. Two of them. It’s a mom and her daughter. So all of the medical and construction has kept me away from the computer.

I will post again after the scope and let you know how everything is, and should be back to regular posting after that!