When it comes to losing weight, I know all the ‘right’ things I should be eating or not eating to get where I need to be. Working out, however, is a different story.

I have mentioned before that I have my home gym in the basement, and even though I know alot of the actual exercises that can be done with the equipment that I own, I have trouble setting up an actual workout plan.

This morning I happened across this site - Free Trainers. It is so simple to use, and it’s free! Just input your usuals…weight, age, fitness goals, and you’re all set up! It also has a diet plan that you can use, but because I’m doing Weight Watchers, I didn’t check that out too thoroughly. The workout plan is great though. You choose how many days per week that you want to work out, and it lays it all out for you. That is my biggest challenge. I know there are rules as to which parts to work on the same day, and this does it for you!

If you are confused about getting a routine started, check it out. I think it can help!

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