I have my WW meeting tonight, but will probably be skipping it, as the weather here is disasterous. We already have about 1-1/2 feet on the ground possibly, with up to 4 more inches today, 4 more inches tomorrow and temperatures dipping down to -15 tonight. Winter has arrived.

It’s a good thing I skip the meeting though, as I have ‘that time’ in about a week, and could seriously eat an entire house at this moment.

Lately, I have gotten the advice of a few other bloggers as to how to take my site to the next level. I want this to be more than just my daily blah boring exerpts. I want to get this site out there again, gaining the traffic that it used to draw, and the inspiration back in it. I guess that would mean that I actually have to succeed at this weight loss thing, huh? What’s inspirational about a blogger that journals every week about the weight holding steady and failing, yet again. I guess it’s a reality of weight loss, but I don’t want to do average any more. I want to excel. For some reason I keep holding myself back. I don’t know what the fear is that keeps me from going further. I wish I knew.

I’m too hard on myself. I expect way too much and achieve way too little. Mel mentioned before, that it could possibly be from the OCD, so I have to keep that in mind. But it’s like the only constant I have with myself is disappointment. How do I beat that???

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  1. karen on January 14, 2009 9:56 am

    I have to tell you i think I did eat eveything in the house last night- tim went and got me a hersheys bar and we sat and ate it with peanut butter. steppin this morning- those things cant last all week- just once a month. have a great day- stay warm and safe- me

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