I found this recipe last night online and had to try it. Wouldn’t you know it, Clint came home with a large McDonald’s Vanilla Iced Coffee for me this morning. Good thing coffee helps me to not feel hungry. Seeing as how it’s only 11:30 a.m. and I have already finished my McD’s coffee and am now drinking this recipe and haven’t eaten anything, I should be pretty wired in about 10 minutes.

1/3 Cup coffee grounds (I used hazelnut flavor)
1-1/2 cups of water

Mix these together in a shaker bottle or jar and let sit 12 hours or overnight.

Strain it twice through a strainer or coffee filters (filters take awhile) to get out all the grounds and add 8 oz. skim milk (more if it’s too strong coffee flavor, just make sure you figure the points) and Splenda if you like it sweetened (I used 5 packets of Splenda…seriously…my coffee’s gotta be sweet). I shook it up really well and served over ice. I’m drinking it now and really like it! I think you could use the Davinci syrups that Walmart carries in Vanilla and all kinds of flavors that are also 0 points to flavor it up!

I’m thinking I like this pretty much alot, and it’s only 2 points (for the milk is all) instead of 6 points that a large McDonald’s Vanilla iced coffee is that I LOVE and it’s about as much coffee as well!!

Let me know if you try and it and if you like it!!!

Update ~ Seriously, the caffeine buzz kicked in after 3 minutes. It’s impossible to type as fast as my brain is functioning right now.

Chatty pointless update ~ Caffeine overload is actually kind of hysterical. Wonder what time I’ll crash and nap??

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  1. karen on January 9, 2009 7:22 pm

    hey lisa- you and me both - im like the energizer bunny. how are you doing with points and what day is your weigh in again? im off to steppin tonight-i love that you can do that and watch tv- have a great weekend. me

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