Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So I smashed my soap box…

Posted by Lisa on 01.27.10

Alright. My last post, I made sure and let you know how hard (though fully worth every second) these past 3 weeks have been. Here’s where I was wrong – I thought the weight would continuously fall off. Boy was I wrong, and it’s really teaching me just how impatient I am.

It always seems easier for everyone else. You don’t see them for a month or two and next thing you know they are skinny. Day to day life for that person isn’t easy.

Ok. I get it now. Can you please leave now, weight???

Update ~ I’m not sure why it took my husband pointing this out to me, but I’m exactly a week out from ‘that time’. Could very well be another culprit as to my weight stall. DUH. Why is it that this ‘thing’ happens every single month, but I always seem to forget what it does to my body??