Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I’m drainless!!!

Posted by Lisa on 01.15.10

Whew, how good this feels! I had my appointment this morning to have my tube removed. I was scared to have it pulled out, and the Dr. goes ‘think of it as we’re starting a lawnmower, YANK!!!’…hahaha…and that is totally what they did! Well, not quite THAT fast/hard, but it came out in a second and so was not a big deal. It’s such a relief not having that thing hanging from my side anymore!

I am down 12 lbs. from my surgery date a week ago. AMAZING! So I’m now a total of 23 lbs. lost from the 1st of this year when I started my liquid diet to prepare for the surgery. 23 un-beFREAKING-lievable POUNDS!

I was cleared to eat whatever works for me. No structured ‘full-liquid, puree, soft food’ stages. I am just to start on full-liquid with some puree here and there and if I tolerate it, I can add other things as I see fit. I love that they have given me that freedom. The same with exercise. Whatever I can tolerate. Walking, light aerobics, etc. I can’t wait to get back to the Wii Fit!!! Everything is left up to me and how I feel when doing these things. I love that.