Friday, July 13, 2012

Weigh-in and so much more!

Posted by Lisa on 07.26.10

So this past week we spent 4 days just outside Lexington, KY. At the Kentucky Horse Park they had BreyerFest. My oldest daughter is a horse nut and collects Breyer horses. She was in HEAVEN. We had such a great time. We even stood just 10 feet from Pricilla Presley who was there signing the [...]

Weigh-In (Week 27 Post-Op)

Posted by Lisa on 07.19.10

Despite what the opinions of the majority may be, I’m NORMAL!!! That’s right!!! I lost 3 lbs. this week which puts my BMI in the NORMAL range!!! At my heaviest, I was in Obese Class 3. When I had my surgery done, I was in Obese Class 2. In just 6 months I am now [...]

With gains come losses!

Posted by Lisa on 07.15.10

Wow, even with a 1 lb. gain this week, I have dropped another size in clothing! We have vacation plans in about a week and I wanted to get a couple of new outfits for the trip. I have been in a 16 for a little while now, and they are getting uncomfortably big, but [...]

Weigh-In (Week 26 Post-Op)

Posted by Lisa on 07.12.10

Well, no loss this week. Actually for the first time since my surgery I have had a gain of 1 lb. No big deal, and surprisingly I’m not even freaked out by it. My workouts have really increased in the past couple of weeks, and I know that will make a difference in weight in [...]

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Weigh-In (25 Weeks Post-Op)

Posted by Lisa on 07.05.10

2 lb. loss this week! I accomplished a goal this week as well! I now weigh LESS than the weight listed on my drivers license!! This was the weight I lied about when I was 18 (making it lower than I actually was…I think I was 188 and I told them 186…hahah), which means I [...]