Thursday, January 6, 2011

With gains come losses!

Posted by Lisa on 07.15.10

Wow, even with a 1 lb. gain this week, I have dropped another size in clothing! We have vacation plans in about a week and I wanted to get a couple of new outfits for the trip. I have been in a 16 for a little while now, and they are getting uncomfortably big, but I was scared to try a 14 and be discouraged if they didn’t fit. Today I grabbed 2 pairs of size 14 shorts and two matching t-shirt tops in a size Large. That’s right. LARGE. No ‘X’ in front!! WEIRD.

Put on the shirts, they fit perfectly. Put on the shorts?!?! Not only did they FIT, but they aren’t going to last me long, as they are already a bit roomy!!! I didn’t want to go so far as to try on a 12 just yet, so I got the 14′s. They aren’t so big that they look goofy, but they aren’t so tight that I get a ‘muffin top’ either. They are perfect for now.

Can’t freaking believe it!!! The whole time we were in the dressing room Meggie kept saying ‘Mom, you’re so SKINNY!!’ and Abbie kept going ‘I can’t believe how small your clothes are!!’.

I’m in heaven. Here is a picture in one of them: