Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weigh-in and so much more!

Posted by Lisa on 07.26.10

So this past week we spent 4 days just outside Lexington, KY. At the Kentucky Horse Park they had BreyerFest. My oldest daughter is a horse nut and collects Breyer horses. She was in HEAVEN. We had such a great time. We even stood just 10 feet from Pricilla Presley who was there signing the new Elvis horse made by Breyer. She was gorgeous!

While we were in KY, we had to make a last-minute visit to Target to find me some new shorts. My 14′s wouldn’t stay up anymore and were so annoying! I wound up getting new shorts and a top. The shorts are a 12!!! That is the size I wore in High School…you know…5 years ago or so. (yeah. ok. It’s been 20.) I couldn’t believe it! I also got a really cute white pair of capris…also in a 12! It’s so weird to me to pull laundry out of the dryer and go to fold my tops and pants, and I just stare at them. I can’t get over how small they look! There is seriously no way to put into words how incredible it all feels! Here’s the outfit:

Clint and I also ran into some great deals on new bikes! We have been wanting new ones for a couple of years now (sold our old ones over a year ago in a garage sale) so we jumped on these babies!! We found them at Target. They are Schwinn Trail Way Hybrids. His is more ‘manly’ of course, in solid silver. But mine is fun and bright!

One more thing to have fun and stay active!!!

Oh, and this weeks weigh-in…I lost 4 lbs.! That is 97 lbs. total and only 3 more until I lose 100 lbs., and 9 lbs. till goal. Wait a minute. What the hell am I going to do when I don’t NEED to lose any more weight? Maybe now I will get a life!