Friday, July 13, 2012

Fingers crossed!!

Posted by Lisa on 01.30.10

There might be a chance that the stall has broken! I’ll update officially Monday morning!!! The pain is still there, but the intensity is up and down all day long. I can’t pinpoint what’s making it better or worse yet. Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers.


Posted by Lisa on 01.29.10

For the first time since my surgery I am in so much pain. I vomitted today for the first time and I have terrible pain on the left side. I took my pain meds for the first time in about 2 weeks and literally slept all day until Clint called me at 3:30 to make [...]

So I smashed my soap box…

Posted by Lisa on 01.27.10

Alright. My last post, I made sure and let you know how hard (though fully worth every second) these past 3 weeks have been. Here’s where I was wrong – I thought the weight would continuously fall off. Boy was I wrong, and it’s really teaching me just how impatient I am. It always seems [...]

Hanging in there!

Posted by Lisa on 01.25.10

For anyone reading who has the teensiest inclination to believe that Gastric Bypass surgery is ‘the easy way out’, you can just put that crap to rest right now. For a very long time in my life, I was that kind of thinker. Then I got serious about it and realized it’s only a ‘tool’. [...]

If only…

Posted by Lisa on 01.21.10

Tonight, for the first time, I was on my knees in front of the potty and praying that I would just throw up. I have been craving toast for about 3 days now and have been leary of having bread. Toasted is supposed to be better to be able to get down and not ‘stretch’ [...]

Quiet and simple…

Posted by Lisa on 01.19.10

I do not have anything huge to post about really. I haven’t been on the scale and am going to try to avoid it and only weigh once per week. So my focus right now is on getting more protein in. I am supposed to get 60-70 grams of protein in per day and when [...]

Now THIS is what every morning should be like!!!

Posted by Lisa on 01.17.10

Short and sweet…I am now 26 lbs. GONE!!! And Dina, when I was released from the hospital last Saturday I was sent home off of ALL of my diabetes meds!! My blood sugar has not been above 100 yet. You have no idea how amazing that is !! Just a couple of weeks ago I [...]

I’m drainless!!!

Posted by Lisa on 01.15.10

Whew, how good this feels! I had my appointment this morning to have my tube removed. I was scared to have it pulled out, and the Dr. goes ‘think of it as we’re starting a lawnmower, YANK!!!’…hahaha…and that is totally what they did! Well, not quite THAT fast/hard, but it came out in a second [...]

Recovering well!!

Posted by Lisa on 01.11.10

My RNY surgery was Thursday the 7th and I got home on Saturday the 9th. The surgery went perfectly with no complications and the whole time I was in the hospital I was told over and over that I was the perfect patient. LOL. It was just because I really had no pain and no [...]

I’m home…

Posted by Lisa on 01.09.10

Surgery went perfectly and I got home tonight around 7:00 pm. I will update in more detail soon. Just wanted to let everyone know that everything is good! Thank you for all of the prayers!!

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