Friday, July 13, 2012

So much for unlucky!

Posted by Lisa on 12.31.08

I woke up this morning and while still laying in bed, I had a feeling come over me to call Walmart just one more time to see if they had any Wii Fit Boards in stock. Holy crap, they had ONE. Clint had just gotten out of the shower and ready for the day, so [...]

Post-Holiday update

Posted by Lisa on 12.30.08

I just realized I never updated about our Holidays. Quick summary?!? Picture myself and 5 other women in my family (others just observing the group of us), just finishing shots of tequila and homemade Baileys (not at the same time) and sitting around the table flipping through sexual positions cards (gag gift) and at one [...]

Weigh-in Day

Posted by Lisa on

Thanks for the crossings, Karen!! It worked. I didn’t gain. I actually LOST. 0.2 lbs. But it’s a loss! I really didn’t do too terrible over the Holiday, but I sure as heck didn’t count or journal anything, so I’ll take it. This week my goal is to focus on exercise. That has really been [...]

First weigh-in

Posted by Lisa on 12.23.08

Turned out great! I lost 4.2 lbs. this week!!! Gotta keep moving and getting the house ready for tomorrow. We are hosting Christmas Eve for my whole family. Gonna be so much fun! Merry Christmas!!!!


Posted by Lisa on

Sick for the past 2 days. It’s almost 5 a.m. and I’ve been up since 2 a.m. I only managed to get in 22.5 out of 36 points today. Haven’t hit my target points once yet. Weigh-in is tonight and I am nervous. I know I have lost, but I set goals so freaking high [...]

One meeting, so many changes!

Posted by Lisa on 12.20.08

I have only attended my initial meeting so far, and I can’t get that feeling out of my brain. Knowing that these people are there to support me 100%, having that meeting to look forward to each week, and the support from everyone here, the internet, and in my home, I feel completely amazing! I [...]

Day one.

Posted by Lisa on 12.17.08

When I woke up this morning, I had such a rush of positiveness. I seriously woke up laughing and joking with Clint while he was still in bed. You don’t understand. Until the very last second before he leaves in the morning, my butt stays in bed. asleep. and grumpy. I was so excited to [...]


Posted by Lisa on 12.16.08

First meeting was a m a z i n g. And at the risk of sounding really gooberish, when the meeting started, I could just feel the energy in the room. I had forgotten how supportive everyone is. Even if you lose 0.2 lbs. these people are ecstatic for you. What a great feeling it [...]

Tonight, tonight, tonight! Hot damn tonight!

Posted by Lisa on

First meeting in 4.5 hours and counting. Even better news??? Mel from Thru Thick n Thin also joined up for meetings, and she also goes tonight (same as me) at 5:30 p.m. (same as me)!! I’ll be back after the meeting!!! ** still working on layout **


Posted by Lisa on 12.14.08

2 more days til my first WW meeting in over 5 years. I cannot freaking wait. Over the entire weekend I debated whether or not to spend $40.00 a month on a monthly pass (cheaper than $12.00 per week it costs here). What finally made me decide to go is that I really want to [...]

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