Friday, July 13, 2012

Posted by Lisa on 11.27.07

Points Log Date Target Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Total 11.27.07 30 8 5 X 2 15 Water = 54 oz. Activity =

Weigh in? WHAT weigh in??

Posted by Lisa on 11.26.07

Yeah, we’re gonna skip that whole thing for this holiday weekend. I was in the best mindset for the Holidays. I had my meal planned out, doing great, and then the dinner at work started it. I did really well. At first. After a horrible ‘make-gravy-in-microwave’ castasrophe, I finally was able to join everyone for [...]

You’d think by now…

Posted by Lisa on 11.20.07

Another tough day to fill. I really am trying, I’ve just had so much running and stuff going on between work, and getting ready for Thanksgiving, that I just don’t take the time to eat. The good thing today, was my sugar didn’t bottom out. I had low-point foods to keep me going today, and [...]

Not so good day…

Posted by Lisa on 11.19.07

No breakfast today…not by choice. I usually am able to squeeze in breakfast first thing in the morning at work. Today was just too busy, so I had my 2 cups of coffee, and had already taken my vitamins and meds at home, so I was good. Well…the day didn’t let up. I had alot [...]

Sometimes staying the same is a good thing!

Posted by Lisa on 11.18.07

Last week? I lost 3 lbs. This week? I lost 3 lbs. WOOOOOOT!!! What more can I possibly say?!?!?

Getting thru a Saturday…

Posted by Lisa on 11.17.07

I’m working on getting through today…the hardest day of the week for me. So I’m doing a spring cleaning in the fall. I’m going to stay so completey busy, that I won’t think about eating. I had some breakfast already…oh, here it is…an example of the ‘little’ things. The plate is a saucer, not a [...]

It’s the little things…

Posted by Lisa on 11.16.07

Since I have been steadily on track for the past few WEEKS now (how great does THAT sound?!?!), It’s really made me aware of the importance of portion sizes. It’s so easy to start to get away from measuring, guesstimate, and see the portions get bigger and bigger. Something that is helping me keep it [...]


Posted by Lisa on 11.15.07

Ok…so I was thinking that my charting my points here was not really something you all paid much attention to. Just something more for me to stay accountable. But I see Elizabeth has busted me. I was under points yesterday. However, I was over 20. And I was going to come here and try and [...]


Posted by Lisa on 11.14.07

I feel like there should be something to talk about, but I’m out of ideas. Eating was great today, even though I was a bit under points. Nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary at home, so I’ll just leave you with my points for the day… Points Log Date Target Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks [...]

By the skin of my teeth…

Posted by Lisa on 11.13.07

This is what happens when you don’t plan. I am 1/2 point over my limit. My eating all day was awesome. When I got home from work, I had only used 12.5 points. I took Abbie shopping tonight for some new clothes. I remember from doing WW before that Burger Kings’ Veggie burger (no mayo, [...]

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