Friday, July 13, 2012

!!!! GOAL !!!!

Posted by Lisa on 09.19.10

I’m still in utter disbelief. This morning I reached my goal of 170 lbs. Wait. Let me rephrase that. THIS MORNING I REACHED MY GOAL OF 170 LBS.!!!!!!!!!!! I have pictures already taken, but I need to get the comparison shots together and I will post them. Hopefully tomorrow I will get that done. I’m [...]

ONE pound left!!

Posted by Lisa on 09.17.10

This morning, my friend, the scale, spoke to me nicely and uttered the number 171. I think it was as stunned as I was. That is just one pound from my goal. We are going out tonight for a real ‘grown-up’ night out to a comedy club with my cousin and her husband, so I [...]

Oh the things you’ll be…

Posted by Lisa on 09.16.10

I have gone through a stall in losses for about a month. All of a sudden it’s falling off again at a great speed! I am now only 2 lbs. from my goal. I now weigh 172 lbs. and my goal is 170 lbs. This is such a weird thing to say, but I could [...]