Friday, July 13, 2012

Weigh in – 15 Weeks Post-Op

Posted by Lisa on 04.26.10

I didn’t update last week out of pure frustration. I had hit another plateau. I really shouldn’t complain I guess..I have lost a ton of weight and really should expect my body to stall a little to catch up to all the changes it’s been through. So last week I showed a big fat ZERO [...]

The ‘little’ things…and weigh in

Posted by Lisa on 04.11.10

13 weeks post-op. Seems like just yesterday, yet seems like it’s all a dream. Weigh-in today – 2 lbs. lost! There are so many changes happening, but just over this weekend there were a couple that really stood out to me. My wedding rings. They just spin. I am forever fidgeting with them because they [...]

Results are IN!!!!

Posted by Lisa on 04.08.10

The results are in from yesterdays bloodwork from the Cleveland Clinic. I quote my nurse, “You are going to LAUGH when you hear these numbers!!!” I’m in awe. Oh, and NORMAL. Everything was NORMAL. And I am diabetes-FREE!!!! I just need to raise my ‘good’ (HDL) Cholesterol…exercise will help that.

3 month check-up

Posted by Lisa on 04.07.10

I’m sitting at the Cleveland Clinic seeing doctor after doctor about my progress so far since the surgery. Everyone is greatly impressed with my results. The last doctor told me that he hasn’t seen a three month weight loss as great as mine. He said I’m doing everything perfectly!!! My surgeon told me that I [...]

One more!

Posted by Lisa on 04.06.10

Oh yeah. This morning I officially hit 60 lbs. lost!! Just 2 more pounds and will have lost a Megan!!!

12 weeks Post-Op Weigh-In

Posted by Lisa on 04.05.10

5 Pound loss this week! I am now a total of 59 pounds lost. I wish I had something more interesting to say besides, HOLY CRAP or AMAZING or ALL I CAN DO IS LAUGH or WOOT!!! But seriously, I think all of my posts from here until goal are pretty much going to be [...]