Friday, July 13, 2012


Posted by Lisa on 12.31.09

The surgeon’s office called yesterday with my pre-op info. I have to be there next Tuesday (Jan 5th) and Wednesday (Jan 6th) for pre-op testing and then Thursday is the surgery day. Tomorrow I start my liquid diet (…do I know how to ring in the New Year right, or what??) and I have my [...]

Info and thinking…

Posted by Lisa on 12.30.09

My surgeon-to-be’s nurse called me yesterday afternoon with more details about the surgery and prep for surgery. On Friday, January 1st through January 4th I am will be on a liquid diet. I can have protein shakes and clear liquids. 800 calories a day. January 5th and 6th will be only clear liquids. January 7th [...]

I have a date!!!

Posted by Lisa on 12.29.09

No, I’m not cheating on my husband! I got my surgery date!!! January 7, 2010!! I am FLOORED how fast this is all moving! I have just over a week to stock up on some things I’m going to need and research and read everything in my book from the clinic on the surgery and [...]

It’s official!!

Posted by Lisa on 12.23.09

Today was my appointment for my randomization, and I got my wish! I got Roux-en-Y! (RNY / Gastric Bypass). I will get my surgery date sometime next week, and the surgery should take place in January! The bad news is, my diabetes has taken a turn for the worse. My A1C, which was already terrible [...]

Testing day…

Posted by Lisa on 12.21.09

Today I had yet another appointment at the Cleveland Clinic. This was a day of tests. I had another blood draw for my A1C, a Carotid Artery Ultrasound and a thorough eye exam. Everything went great. The eye exam, they had to dialate my eyes, which gave me a horrible headache and I have been [...]

The education part…

Posted by Lisa on 12.09.09

Today I had another appointment at the Cleveland Clinic. Today was for the Diabetes Education. It was what I initially assumed it would be. What to eat and not eat with Diabetes. I drove an hour for something I have been through several times already. Oh well. It got me one step closer. I am [...]

I’m sane…and I have PROOF!

Posted by Lisa on 12.04.09

So on November 24, 2009 I had my appointment with the Psychiatrist. I had a Psych test to take before I saw her, which took all of 30 minutes or so for me to complete. Questions included ‘T or F – Someone is after me’ and things of that nature. Some were so funny that [...]