Friday, July 13, 2012

In the groove…

Posted by Lisa on 02.11.09

So I don’t remember if I mentioned last week’s weigh in or not, and I’m too lazy to go back and look, so I’ll just tell you. I chickened out, knowing that I had a gain, and used my ‘no-weigh-in’ pass. I’m talking a 4-5 lbs. gain. Was NOT ready to take that bullet. Yesterday [...]

Working hard and … gaining …

Posted by Lisa on 02.09.09

This last week and a half has been pretty tough to keep my head in the game. I have had a few days where I didn’t follow Points as close as I should have. But I have also been working out like a fiend with the weights and all. And the scale is UP. I [...]

Three days down…

Posted by Lisa on 02.04.09

Today was my third workout with Clint training me. It’s really going great. Monday we worked out for 35 minutes on weights and strength training and then I did Lippy on my own for a bit. Yesterday, I had a neighbor call me and wants me to go to our Community Center gym one day [...]

I just realized…

Posted by Lisa on 02.02.09

I never posted the pictures of our home gym! I’m sure none of you are shocked. So here is everything: Here’s the weights area: The Smith-Machine in the weights area: Here is the plate rack that Clint made for me: Here is the famous Lippy: The heavy bag: The speed bag: My girly pink boxing [...]

Training has begun!

Posted by Lisa on

So remember a few posts back, I mentioned that Clint was my new trainer and we were going to start working out at that time in our basement gym? Never happened. One thing after another kept getting in the way, like his work, and we just never did. Tonight I paid dearly for the time [...]

There has to be more…

Posted by Lisa on 02.01.09

People is this weight loss seriously possible?!?! How do I learn to think I’m worth the effort?