Friday, July 13, 2012

Chills & Tears

Posted by Lisa on 10.28.08

Since the first time I saw this video, I can’t quit replaying it over and over. I finally decided to share.

That’ll do…

Posted by Lisa on 10.22.08

How to get crazy motivated? See a recent picture online of your husband’s ex-girlfriend that he dated before you, and she’s… skinny.

(Too late at) night motivation

Posted by Lisa on 10.21.08

The house is completely quiet and sleeping, including snoring dog. The latest Biggest Loser that I DVR’d just ended, and I sit here with too much time to think, and get myself all excited about doing this great workout for hours on end tomorrow, knowing full well it probably won’t happen, but I can sit [...]

So this is how it’s gonna be???

Posted by Lisa on 10.13.08

To put it lightly, my body pisses me off. Last night we returned from a 3 day camping trip, the last of the season. We went to Kinzua Dam in PA. We couldn’t have picked a more perfect time of year. The leaves were changing colors at their peak, and the weather was gorgeous. Pictures [...]

What was she thinking?!?!

Posted by Lisa on 10.07.08

So I just finished watching The Biggest Loser. From day one, Shellay and Amy have been my least favorite team. They both have the most negative attitudes, it’s disgusting. Seriously, if these people don’t appreciate the opportunity that they have been blessed with, why the hell do they even try out for the show?? And [...]