Friday, July 13, 2012

I’m….worth it??

Posted by Lisa on 05.28.08

wanna hear something really weird? Something in my sick little brain is repeatedly telling me lately that I’m worth the effort it takes to take care of myself. Why would it take this long for me to realize? I am literally down to one pair of pants. ONE. I had 2. Now the 2nd pair [...]

Maybe this will put it into perspective.

Posted by Lisa on 05.20.08

Me (outloud) : ‘I don’t even care what you have to say to me today.’ Scale : ‘You’ve lost 5 lbs. since yesterday!!!’ Me (yes, outloud) : ‘Can I lick you?’ This is why I’m on a mental vacation from weight loss.

Today? It’s a good one!

Posted by Lisa on 05.18.08

So maybe it’s a fleeting moment. Maybe it’s the medications. Maybe it’s the fact that I only have 13 more WORKING DAYS before I’m a SAHM !!!!!!! Who cares?! I’m feeling damn good! Weight still sucks, but everything else is at such a positive that I don’t really give a crap right now. I think [...]


Posted by Lisa on 05.13.08

There are so many things swirling around in this head of mine. My weight (as usual), my family, becoming a SAHM, and so many others, so prepare for this entry…good or bad, who knows where it will go. My last post was just one of those whirlwind moments. I know alot of you visit and [...]

Who the … ?!?!

Posted by Lisa on 05.09.08

It’s happened. It was bound to. And it bounded. Getting ready for bed last night (wearing my favorite bra and panties, mind you) I happened to get a glance at myself in the mirror in all my *gag*ness glory. So where exactly did *I* go? I know my self-esteem is at ground level. I know [...]


Posted by Lisa on 05.05.08

So just a quick update here as there really hasn’t been much activity on the weight loss end lately. Until today that is. This morning I pulled an old pair of jeans out of my closet for something different to wear. I don’t wear jeans very often. I grabbed the jeans, said my prayers, and [...]