Friday, July 13, 2012

More of me…

Posted by Lisa on 04.24.08

Since we have some great changes that will be happening for our family soon, I have started a new journal that will be more about family, saving money, cleaning, organizing…instead of posting about all of those sorts of topics here. If you’re brave enough to see a bit more of my life and all that [...]

How do I know?

Posted by Lisa on 04.23.08

I am having a hard time with something lately. I’m working on retraining my brain, but it’s really hard to distinguish the problem right now. I don’t know if I’m hungry or not. Seriously. I think I’m so used to munching possibly out of habit, that I’m sitting here right now, my stomach feels a [...]

So foreign to me…

Posted by Lisa on 04.18.08

Today is a bitter-sweet day in the online weight loss world. Today was (hopefully not, but she says so) the last post for KatieO at Sister Skinny. She’s been such an inspiration to me, and today she’s posted a new video in her goal size jeans. A size 6. What’s foreign to me about this, [...]

(not so) Free Day…

Posted by Lisa on 04.15.08

Thank you for all the great comments left about my new ‘do. I’m still not sure about it…the girls at the salon make it look so easy…I make it look like it’s the first time I’ve ever used a curling iron. Oh, and here’s a tip on negative self-talking: Don’t ever come home after getting [...]

The after…

Posted by Lisa on 04.12.08

So I did it. The hair is gone. Here are comparison shots, with befores on top, obviously. I have to play with it more and make it more ‘me’ possibly, but I really like the fact that I can play and do it fun and curly or easily straighten it. Either way, I love it [...]


Posted by Lisa on

I’m going to my annual haircut today. Yeah, it’s been a year without so much as a trim. It’s in bad shape and SO long. I leave in a couple of hours. This is what I’m thinking. Any opinions would be fun to hear!

I may need some answers, if you can help…

Posted by Lisa on 04.09.08

Does your body go through a detox when you start eating properly? I had another perfect day of eating, and last night and off and on today, headaches. I know I’m not dehydrated, because I’m drinking well over 80 oz. of water a day. I’m just wondering if my body is dealing with all the [...]

I’m even beginning to wonder…

Posted by Lisa on

…if I’m normal, that is. You guys, I dreamed about Oreo Cakesters. We have them in the pantry for the girls lunches. Funny thing is, they aren’t even a temptation for me. But I dreamed that I found 3 of them out of the wrappers and just sitting in odd hiding places in the cupboards. [...]

Three for me…

Posted by Lisa on 04.08.08

Today is day 3. Well, 2. Ok, 3. My third day walking…another 2.5 miles! My second day of perfect, concious eating. Veggies, fruit, nothing processed and very low carbs. Probably shouldn’t be whooping it up over 2 days of perfect eating, but it feels great to be in control. I don’t feel ‘heavy’ after eating, [...]

Just a few seconds sooner…

Posted by Lisa on 04.07.08

If I would have been just 30 seconds sooner picking up lunch today, I have a feeling it would have been disasterous. No out-of-control beer truck…although helping with clean-up from that would have been fun! It was me who was out of control. When will I ever learn? I didn’t eat breakfast. Short on time, [...]

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