Friday, July 13, 2012

Easter Vacation

Posted by Lisa on 03.20.08

Today is my last day of work for 10 DAYS!!! I have tomorrow off (Good Friday) and Monday is also recognized as a Holiday for Easter…then I took vacation the rest of the week to be home with Abbie for her spring break! Poor Megan, she only gets tomorrow off…she goes to a Christian school [...]

I Can Make You Thin

Posted by Lisa on 03.17.08

This might come off a bit rambly, but I really enjoyed this show and wanted to comment on it. ‘I Can Make You Thin’ premiered last night on TLC. I have been anxious for this show for weeks. His weight loss techniques have been proven to work, and I loved listening to Paul McKenna. He [...]


Posted by Lisa on 03.14.08

I’m still here. My domain has been screwed up and we’re still trying to get it all figured out…if I am gone again anytime soon, don’t worry, I’ll be back as soon as I can!

For now.

Posted by Lisa on 03.12.08

Just journaling food planned for today. Points Log Date Target Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Total 03.11.08 30 6 5 X 4.5 10.5 Water = 40 oz. Activity =

Hazel NOT

Posted by Lisa on 03.11.08

Is there a ‘Diet God Demon’ who likes to mess with me??? Did I not just profess my newly-found motivation?? An hour later, my aunt walks in my office with a Medium Hazelnut Iced Coffee from McDonalds. VERY sweet of her and I thanked her profusely. However, I’m still sitting here just staring at it. [...]

I think it’s time.

Posted by Lisa on

So it’s been just over a month since I was on my 10 day ‘roll’. Things were going amazing, weight was coming off, then my mom landed in the hospital. That threw me for a loop and then the depression, OCD, and Social Anxiety Disorder diagnosis’ came, and the focus went to getting better mentally, [...]

The magic number was 9.

Posted by Lisa on 03.07.08

On day 9 of taking my new depression meds, things changed. I was told to give them 1-4 weeks before seeing a change. Day 9. It’s taking some getting used to. I’m not having the sickness/run to the potty side-effects that were there in the beginning. That has all subsided. What I need to get [...]