Friday, July 13, 2012


Posted by Lisa on 02.28.08

Still at 7 lbs. down. But it is ‘that time’ again…so holding steady is a good thing. At least it’s still gone, and wasn’t an instant water loss that came right back!

Happy & Hesitant

Posted by Lisa on 02.26.08

7 lbs. ya’ll! After picking up my jaw from my bathroom floor this morning when I saw yet another pound gone, I wasn’t sure whether to jump up and down or keep my guard up. I did the latter. I just don’t want the bottom to fall out, yet again. The sickness and tiredness seems [...]

more loss.

Posted by Lisa on 02.25.08

I’ve now lost 6 lbs. since Thursday. Even though the bathroom runs have subsided, and I haven’t changed a thing in my eating habits…except for not having much of an appetite. I’m not trying to get my hopes up, but something is making a difference in my body.

stupid, I know…

Posted by Lisa on 02.22.08

So, from yesterday to today, I’ve lost 3 lbs. I don’t even care that it’s completely water weight from running to the bathroom 6 times yesterday because of the new medication. I. Don’t. Care. 3 lbs. people!


Posted by Lisa on 02.20.08

Right after work, I went to the Doctor. Mainly to get my blood work results for my diabetes and cholesterol. My A1C was 6.8 last time I was there…this time it was 7.2, creeping up a bit. To get better control of my blood sugar he gave me a prescription for Metformin (glucophage). I’m SO [...]

Dr. visit tomorrow.

Posted by Lisa on 02.19.08

I have just finished typing up a list of ‘stuff’. I’m not leaving that Dr. tomorrow without addressing these things, and getting some help to be able to start fresh and actually have a positive outlook on everything again. Right now I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle, and there is no end in [...]

How things always work out…

Posted by Lisa on 02.17.08

So we went to the Casting Crowns concert last night. The word ‘amazing’ both completely covers it and yet can’t even begin to describe it. We got to meet them before the concert and it was nothing like what I was expecting. I was expecting rock stars. They were Christians. Amazing Christians, no better than [...]


Posted by Lisa on 02.15.08

Earlier this week, one of my amazing friends won 2 tickets from the radio to go see ‘Casting Crowns‘ tomorrow night in Cleveland. This morning, they had a Grand Prize drawing for those who won tickets to have theirs upgraded. She won THAT too! She now gets 6 VIP tickets, backstage passes and a meet-n-greet [...]


Posted by Lisa on 02.10.08

Thank you all for the prayers and well-wishes for my mom…she is doing ok now. She has some other things to go and have checked out by a Cardiologist on the 25th, but for now all is good…so thank you, it means alot! I know I haven’t updated on me lately, but I will soon. [...]

Right down the crapper.

Posted by Lisa on 02.07.08

So I’m having a great day, sticking to points, drinking water and then get a phone call: Dad: Mom’s in the hospital. My stomach sank. Everything is ok so far right now. But at that moment my heart and stomach dove. Didn’t want to eat a thing. My dad tells me to just stay home [...]

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