Pictures soon…

I promise to get pictures up here soon. Even a couple of myself may slip in here or there…we got the wall unit that we built, completed. There are 2 drawers that we still need to make, but other than that, it’s complete, along with two adorable brushed silver lamps with dark red square lamp shades that sit on the mantel now. It’s amazing the difference it has made to our house. So I will post soon!!!

Eating is going amazing. Exercising is going amazing, though a bit painful. I did 20 minutes of weight training Monday night and tonight, 30 minutes on Lippy Monday and tonight. I have muscles that I didn’t know were included with your body. Every time I move, a new pain arises. I will work through it though!

I found out a TON of information on the numb foot thing. I am going to get that all organized and post it as well for those of you out there having the same trouble. Basically, it’s the pressure that is put on the ball of your foot cutting off blood flow. There are tips to help lessen the numbness also, so I will try and get that up here tomorrow so hopefully it will help someone else as well, ASAP.

I don’t even want to post this, for fear of jinxing myself, but the scale is down…and very nicely I might add. I hope that you all are having continued success as well!!!

I’m ready for the weekend, already.

Weigh-In Day

UPDATE ~ I worked out awesomely tonight. I did 25 minutes of weight training (earning 2 AP’s) and did 30 minutes on Lippy (earning 2 AP’s and burned 309 calories), even though BOTH of my feet were completely numb. I am going right now to do a search on this foot thing. It’s driving me batty. I bought expensive ‘Nike Shox’ shoes, because they are MADE for this kind of activity, I have lowered the tension on the thing, anything I can think of…now I’m going to search for an answer…I will post if I find something that may be helpful to you all or someone you know…

Not a drop to report. Perfect maintain. Saturday night’s reverse raffle / alcohol consumption / dance-fest may have something to do with it.

Tina left me a comment about reducing the tension on Lippy to help with my foot numbness. I have done this. I actually changed it to a ‘1′ the lowest it goes and was on it for a longer period of time and yet the same thing happens with the numbness in my foot. And, yeah, I AM obsessed with burning calories…but the theory is, more calories burned and less calories taken in = weight loss, and I AM after all, here for weight loss…so I try to maximize the amount of calories that I burn in a period of time. I wouldn’t call that obsessive…I just try and get as much out of a workout as I can. I will never not post a comment by anyone with any constructive criticism…the only thing I would ever censor would be downright nasty personal comments, spam, that kind of stuff…so please feel free to keep commenting…anyone’s thoughts and ideas can really give me a boost and new ideas to try when something isn’t going quite right.

Thanks to you all for you comments and encouragement lately! It means alot that you are always here for me!

Dude, where’s my TEA???

I’m hooked. Again. Green Tea. I am having 4-5 cups a day just during work hours. It’s Decaf…don’t worry…like I need one more thing to wind me up…nuh-uh. I seriously love it. And it’s helping me with my appetite as well. When I’m feeling the grum-bellies, I have a cup and it holds me over awhile longer. I’m breaking the ‘eating-because-it’s-time-to’ habit. I’m listening to my body. I’m such a good girl, ain’t I?? I just feel completely focused once again. I love this feeling. It’s like a natural high. I feel good about myself (for the most part), I feel confident and happy :)

So, the scale is being my friend still also…making things even better :)

I got on Lippy last night for a quick 15 minute run. She whined a bit, but wasn’t as bad as I expected. Myself and my feet are a different story. I upped the tension on the Elliptical to burn more calories, but then my foot gets numb even faster…sucks. But I did do it… and tonight…20 minutes it will be. I’m going to build the time back up again.

A day late and feelin’ old…

Weigh in was yesterday. My first week back on WW. Well, following it closer and online at least. I was down 2 lbs. Not too bad :) I was hoping for more, but I will take anything because I still haven’t gotten my butt in gear on exercise. Poor Lippy has probably frozen in place from sitting so long with no use, other than the dirty clothes that she hangs onto so nicely for Clint, or the occasional little workout she gets when Abbie hops on to see how fast she can go in reverse.

Clint, skinny man that he already is, has decided that he’s cutting out the crap for a while. I don’t know how on earth he does it. He’s skinny. He thinks he’s not. The man thrives on candy bars for snacks at work, McDonalds several times a week for breakfast if he’s hungry (instead of eating at home before he leaves)…whatever he feels like out of the machine at work if he’s hungry before lunch, which usually means some kind of sweet pastry thing. He says he needs that sugar in the morning to get going. Here I am…feeling guilty about just about every bite that goes into my mouth, can’t lose a pound unless I starve, and then there’s him…crap-ola is his diet and skinny man…oh well…men suck. Well, at least THAT part does…he’s a good man otherwise… :) So he’s focusing more on the calorie contents of things and packed salads with grilled chicken for his lunches and fruits for snacks, stuff like that. Thing is, his sudden change of diet has also been a boost for me. It’s like I don’t feel so ‘alone’ with it all. He’s never had a weight problem. He is supportive…very supportive. But all he has to do to lose weight is cut out one snack a day. Boom, 10 lbs. gone. It’s kind of nice to have someone in the house being concious of it all as well. Gives me confidence to do this…

Now for the ‘feelin’ old’…My mom is out of town for the week for work. That leaves me to man the office alone for the most part. Megan is still coming with me, and seems to be tiring of the toys and stuff she has here to keep her busy. So we all went to Wal-mart last night to pick up a few things and decided to get her a few new little things to have at work to keep her interest. I got the bright idea of finding her some new Colorforms.

Here’s the clincher. PLEASE please PLEASE tell me you all know what Colorforms are?!?!?!?! Clint didn’t have the foggiest idea. The lady in the FRIGGIN TOY DEPARTMENT at Wal-Mart had no idea. She decided that it would be the same thing if she sent me to the material/craft section of the store and use the SELF-ADHESIVE FOAM SHAPES. Just in case you all don’t know, and maybe I’m dating myself, but Colorforms are the coolest thing EVER. They usually come in a box like a board game box. There is a background of some sort, I had one when I was little of Holly Hobbie. The ’stickers’ that go on it are like a window sticker. Completely removable and reusable. You put the different stickers on the background to create a scene. Make sense?? I was floored that no one knew what they were!!! I did get lucky enough to find two small ‘travel’ sets of Colorforms, one Dora and one Spongebob. Other than that, nothing. Am I really that old?????

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can

Things are going slow but sure. I have been really good about avoiding the scale. Seems, for now at least, my obsession with the scale has subsided. I have stayed off all week long and today I did get on just to peek. I am down this week so far :)

Our wall unit project that we have been working on all week is coming along awesome-ly. Tonight I have a girls night out, so I won’t do any work on it tonight, but tomorrow we should have it all done. It’s all built, and we got the shelves in last night, now the rest is up to me. I have it all in white primer right now, and need to do 2 coats of white paint and then Clint has 2 drawers to make for it, and that’s it :) I will post pictures as soon as it’s finished. I have taken pictures from how it looked before all this and all the steps through the process to finish it up. Clint is so happy how it turned out that he wants me to submit pictures to some home-improvement shows…something like how Christopher Lowell does. He shows before and afters on air. I’ll get it all done and then see :)

The warm weather has arrived. Although it’s too wet and dreary to be walking outdoors, and with all the wall project stuff going on at home, I haven’t tackled exercising at all this week. My schedule this week has been non-stop from morning till night. Not to mention, my car has been in the shop most of this week and I just now got it back, so my mom is sharing her car with me.

4:30 a.m. - Get up and shower
5:30 a.m. - Get Abbie and Megan up and ready
6:30 a.m. - Take Abbie to Latchkey
6:45 a.m. - Take Meggie to sitter (just for this week)
7:15 a.m. - Pick mom up for work
7:20 a.m. - We get to work
4:30 p.m. - Head out to pick up Meggie from sitter (Clint picks up Abbie for me)
5:10 p.m. - Home & work on wall till 9 or 10 p.m. depending on how tired I am.

We have somehow managed to squeeze in dinner somewhere in there, and this morning before I left I got a load of dishes done, but other than that, I haven’t literally had time for anything else. I can’t wait till it’s finished and I have some down-time.

I just cannot wait to get the TV into it’s spot in the wall now, and be able to break out the Biggest Loser workouts again…it’s gonna be awesome to get back at it.

I’m gonna have to call Jenn (Against the Odds) because I have seen her at all and I’m getting kinda worried…maybe if we all head over and visit and swamp her with WHERE ARE YOU’S?? she may return?? Jump on it :)

Back on Track - Day #3

I still haven’t had alot of time to sit and go through the WW online website and all the tools and all that I now have access to, but I can tell you that I LOVE the online points tracker they have. Usually I’m either putting my points in my Palm, or using an Excel spreadsheet that Jenn and I had created awhile back, but then if I didn’t have my Palm with me, or if I had filled out the Excel spreadsheet at home or at work and didn’t have it at the other, I was screwed. This way, online, I’m good! I can access it either at home or work, or wherever…I love it.

Yesterday I was under points, busy day, but Monday I was over, so it makes up more than the difference because I was quite under.

All in all, I’m doing wonderful again :) Back on track, feeling very positive about it all…I definitely just needed a little extra something to get the ball rolling again, and joining online did it for me! I am feeling great!!!

Spring fever is setting in…it’s going to get sooo warm this week!!! 60 degrees!!! I’m so excited…perfect walking weather, so I will be beginning to walk on my lunch breaks again soon!! I’m so excited about that…looking forward to fresh air and exercise during the day again :)

Oh Yeah :)

Today I joined Weight Watchers online. After seeing what it offers, I’m not all that sure it’s going to help me stay on track any more than I already do. But I haven’t gotten to sit and see all that the site offers yet, either. I think I just need some kind of actual activity involving weight watchers in some way other than just tracking my points and activity in my Palm.

We have been busy this whole weekend building a wall unit for a new TV that we bought. We are building it right into the unit. So far, it’s amazing :) I will have pictures of the before/after of the project. Clint and I designed it ourselves, and he’s amazing doing woodworking, so it’s coming together quite nicely :) I’ll post pics after it’s completed.

I will also update more soon :) Bedtime..gotta be up early Weekends go by too sucky fast.