Day late…

Weigh in was yesterday, but I did have a good excuse for not posting it. I formatted my computer on Sunday night and never got it up and running until last night.

Anyhoo, my weigh in was 250. I didn’t get to see that magical 249 on my weigh in day, but it’s still a 2 lb. loss for the week. Nothing to snub my nose at!

As for WHY the 249 (or lower) didn’t show. Carbs. Sugar. Bout sums it up. It was just one of those weekends where I was ‘munchy’. I can’t say ‘hungry’, but just ‘munchy’. And I totally gave in. I didn’t want to even look at a vegetable, the thought of eggs and cheese just made me blah. Yesterday, however, and today so far have been going really well. I’m so focused on the eating healthy that it’s almost as if I’m not truly following a ‘plan’…just making good choices (crappy weekend excluded). I am going to have those bad days. There are going to be days where the focus is amazing and others when it’s not.

I see a trend though because every single day last week I walked 2 miles on my lunch break. EVERY day. Plus 3 days on Lippy at night, and I ate really well and stayed focused. Weekend? NOTHING. Not a DROP of exercise (unless you count all of the housework and cleaning the basement I accomplished, but still not intentional exercise). And how did I eat??? yeah.

The weather has been dreary and rainy EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. So the gloominess of it may be getting me as well, in the exercise portion.

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Drum roll, puh-leeze!!!

Just a quick post with weigh-in…I may be back later with a fuller update…

I am down 3.5 lbs. this week!!! 254.5 down from 258 last week. I am holy crappa happy.

Weigh-In Day

UPDATE ~ I worked out awesomely tonight. I did 25 minutes of weight training (earning 2 AP’s) and did 30 minutes on Lippy (earning 2 AP’s and burned 309 calories), even though BOTH of my feet were completely numb. I am going right now to do a search on this foot thing. It’s driving me batty. I bought expensive ‘Nike Shox’ shoes, because they are MADE for this kind of activity, I have lowered the tension on the thing, anything I can think of…now I’m going to search for an answer…I will post if I find something that may be helpful to you all or someone you know…

Not a drop to report. Perfect maintain. Saturday night’s reverse raffle / alcohol consumption / dance-fest may have something to do with it.

Tina left me a comment about reducing the tension on Lippy to help with my foot numbness. I have done this. I actually changed it to a ‘1′ the lowest it goes and was on it for a longer period of time and yet the same thing happens with the numbness in my foot. And, yeah, I AM obsessed with burning calories…but the theory is, more calories burned and less calories taken in = weight loss, and I AM after all, here for weight loss…so I try to maximize the amount of calories that I burn in a period of time. I wouldn’t call that obsessive…I just try and get as much out of a workout as I can. I will never not post a comment by anyone with any constructive criticism…the only thing I would ever censor would be downright nasty personal comments, spam, that kind of stuff…so please feel free to keep commenting…anyone’s thoughts and ideas can really give me a boost and new ideas to try when something isn’t going quite right.

Thanks to you all for you comments and encouragement lately! It means alot that you are always here for me!

A day late and feelin’ old…

Weigh in was yesterday. My first week back on WW. Well, following it closer and online at least. I was down 2 lbs. Not too bad :) I was hoping for more, but I will take anything because I still haven’t gotten my butt in gear on exercise. Poor Lippy has probably frozen in place from sitting so long with no use, other than the dirty clothes that she hangs onto so nicely for Clint, or the occasional little workout she gets when Abbie hops on to see how fast she can go in reverse.

Clint, skinny man that he already is, has decided that he’s cutting out the crap for a while. I don’t know how on earth he does it. He’s skinny. He thinks he’s not. The man thrives on candy bars for snacks at work, McDonalds several times a week for breakfast if he’s hungry (instead of eating at home before he leaves)…whatever he feels like out of the machine at work if he’s hungry before lunch, which usually means some kind of sweet pastry thing. He says he needs that sugar in the morning to get going. Here I am…feeling guilty about just about every bite that goes into my mouth, can’t lose a pound unless I starve, and then there’s him…crap-ola is his diet and skinny man…oh well…men suck. Well, at least THAT part does…he’s a good man otherwise… :) So he’s focusing more on the calorie contents of things and packed salads with grilled chicken for his lunches and fruits for snacks, stuff like that. Thing is, his sudden change of diet has also been a boost for me. It’s like I don’t feel so ‘alone’ with it all. He’s never had a weight problem. He is supportive…very supportive. But all he has to do to lose weight is cut out one snack a day. Boom, 10 lbs. gone. It’s kind of nice to have someone in the house being concious of it all as well. Gives me confidence to do this…

Now for the ‘feelin’ old’…My mom is out of town for the week for work. That leaves me to man the office alone for the most part. Megan is still coming with me, and seems to be tiring of the toys and stuff she has here to keep her busy. So we all went to Wal-mart last night to pick up a few things and decided to get her a few new little things to have at work to keep her interest. I got the bright idea of finding her some new Colorforms.

Here’s the clincher. PLEASE please PLEASE tell me you all know what Colorforms are?!?!?!?! Clint didn’t have the foggiest idea. The lady in the FRIGGIN TOY DEPARTMENT at Wal-Mart had no idea. She decided that it would be the same thing if she sent me to the material/craft section of the store and use the SELF-ADHESIVE FOAM SHAPES. Just in case you all don’t know, and maybe I’m dating myself, but Colorforms are the coolest thing EVER. They usually come in a box like a board game box. There is a background of some sort, I had one when I was little of Holly Hobbie. The ’stickers’ that go on it are like a window sticker. Completely removable and reusable. You put the different stickers on the background to create a scene. Make sense?? I was floored that no one knew what they were!!! I did get lucky enough to find two small ‘travel’ sets of Colorforms, one Dora and one Spongebob. Other than that, nothing. Am I really that old?????

TBL Challenge Week #2 Day #1 & weigh in

Evening update ~ I have updated my challenge page, my weight page and all of the ’stat’ information on my main page. It is all actual numbers now. I hadn’t changed anything at all over the Christmas holiday. I had gained during that time and lost a few then gained a few back. Played with it like it was a yo-yo. Now I have officially lost 3 lbs. of it again and will continue to. So instead of the 49 lbs. I was down, now I’m down 42. How many times can one person lose the same weight over and over?? I’m so glad that I have jumped into this challenge with Jenn and Elizabeth. I needed something so badly to get me back on the ball and stop the messin’ around. Tonight was the first night of tackling the High-intensity workout on the TBL dvd and it was AWESOME. This was the same workout that I posted about on the first day that I received the DVD. The one where I said I didn’t even make it 10 minutes and thought I was going to die and find my body parts falling off as I stumbled for the bed??? That is THE high intensity workout. Obviously it’s not the best workout to start off with, but in the month since I received the DVD and only doing it seriously and steadily for the past week, tonight I did the whole 20 minute workout. I can feel the tolerance level in my body changing. I’m able to handle more of a workout and my breath and heart rate recover so much quicker than before I started this challenge.

As I was doing the workout tonight, it came to the cool down / stretch and you rest your hands on the top of your thighs, and I did a double take and kept squeezing the top of my leg. My hand goes OVER the top of my leg now. Not lays across the width of my leg anymore, but my fingers actually BEND and wrap OVER my leg. It’s getting THINNER. Damn good feeling!

Morning post ~Weigh in day…I was nervous. I had lost a bunch the first couple of days, then saw the scale creep up a little even though I was eating good and working out EVERY FRIGGIN DAY - GO ME!!!

So I went from nervous to super happy :) I lost 3 lbs. this week :) I haven’t had a chance to update my workout chart and all, but I have been at it every single day :) New workout starts tonight, I’m excited to see what it’s like…I will update everything tonight when I get home…Jenn and Elizabeth, I’m coming to see what your weigh in was like too!!!

Weigh In Day

.: Grumble Grumble Scowl:.

I had a loss…a total of 6 lbs. That is for just over 2 weeks time. So not bad…I am happy that it’s such a good loss. HOWEVER. I missed my 50 lbs. by ONE pound. So I was really hoping to see that this morning. I was 1/2 lb. under it yesterday, now this morning I was one whole pound under hitting it. Oh well. Still a great loss for just over 2 weeks time. That is about 3 lbs. per week…that’s a great loss!! Next Monday I will have hit my 50 lbs. PLUS hopefully a couple extra to give me some leeway and stay safely below that 50 lbs. mark.

Like I said in yesterdays post, this past week has been a helluva week for losing…I had to work so hard to get the weight off…usually just dropping points a few will suffice and a loss will show. This week, I dropped points a bit (always 20 or above though, except for Saturday) got in plenty of daily exercise and water…and it still seemed a struggle to get the pounds down.

When I had gotten my 50 lbs. the first time (about 2-1/2 years ago) I remember the same fight happening. That was the hardest number for me to hit. It’s like my body wants the break from losing, so it just stalls right here. Ups and downs and stalls. Hopefully the last 2-3 weeks have been exactly that, and it can be over now and the losing can continue :)


Yes, I squeaked in, but I’m IN the 240’s!!! 249.5 :) :) :)

That is a loss of 4.5 lbs. this week!!! :) :) :) I just need 2.5 lb. loss next week to hit 50 LBS GONE :)

Jennifer, I’m going to send you an e-mail a little later on, I have to get ready for work, but I wanted you to know I did get your comment…I will write as soon as I can today!! Wake up with a POSITIVE attitude today :) You CAN do this!!!

Weigh-in day

Ok…so weigh in was not the greatest…not something that can’t be changed, and it actually HAD to have been a loss from LAST Monday, after the whole ‘whiskey-free-for-all’ that weekend. I knew I was up last week, therefore, avoided the scale, and it was needed. So this week, I’m swallowing what’s left of my pride and chalking up a 2 lb. gain. Karen wrote me last night and said she’s on the same path, so we are now back to e-mailing each other our days; points used, water intake and exercise. Accountability is a big thing with me and she’s been awesome. She’s there daily and sticking with me and that helps me SO very much.

I have been really battling my depression lately. I haven’t had serious problems with it at all since before I got pregnant with Abbie (over 7 years ago). I have basically kept a positive mind, didn’t let things get me down, but now lately I feel like I’m losing the battle. It’s not severe where I want to harm myself, but I’m realizing that right now I can’t do it alone. I’m starting a new medication to see if that may put me on a more even keel, so maybe even that will help with my weight loss…not the medication itself, but so that my emotions aren’t so out of whack and my eating could be controlled a bit better than I do at times right now. There have been a couple of instances lately that I’m a bit ashamed of my reactions to situations I was in. I really want to feel more like me. I don’t like the ‘focus’ to be on me in any situation. I’m an outgoing person, but not to the point where I like to attract attention, and that is kind of what happened in one instance. Now don’t go picturing some lunatic woman screaming and running through a crowd with her hands flailing above her head and her boobs flopping from side to side, cuz it was far from that. Just need a bit more work on ‘me’ and I think it’s going to be a positive one with my weight loss also :) :)

So today I’m off to a better week!! Here’s to next weigh in!!!!

Weigh In Day

Scale. She. Is. My. Friend.

Weigh in this morning ~ I have lost 4 LBS.!!!! Oh my gosh, I’m SO tickled. I have been doing amazing staying on track with everything. Yesterday was the first day in over a week that I didn’t get any intentional exercise in. One day rest isn’t gonna hurt me. And yesterday I didn’t get all of my water in. I haven’t been feeling real hot since last night and really wasn’t thirsty at all yesterday, so it took quite a bit to get in the 60 some ounces that I did get down. Still not bad overall. my stomach is just spinning this morning. Not too good at all…hopefully that passes in a bit.

Alrighty, I need to get ready for work, but I did update my weigh-in chart with this weeks weigh :)

Week one, down

Well, this marks the end of Challenge Week :) Of course, my period couldn’t come at a worse time, so that made my loss a solid 2 lbs. this week. I know I have lost more than that, but being bloated, and that whole deal, I’ll take it :) Also, I can see a difference in my face in just this last week and also in my clothes. In my stomach especially. Everything is really droopy in my stomach…even my fresh-out-of-the-dryer jeans. They are fitting fine in the waist, but looser where my stomach is in them. Kinda feels cool :)

So, I’m not down about the weigh-in…I thought I would be if it wasn’t a huge loss, but hey…gotta start somewhere :) And, after I start, it’ll be an even lower number just like always

Ya’ll are not gonna belive the activity points I earned this past week. I think I journaled here that I got 11 AP’s in the one day when my eating was bad. That was 5-1/2 miles of INTENTIONAL exercise that day! I’m kicking ass on Lippy now. 30 minutes is nothing now :) Seems like it took FOREVER to get to 30 minutes where my body could handle it, but I’m doing it :) I was thinking about it, when I first got Lippy, I remember the night we brought her home, put her together and I jumped on. I kid you not I probably went about 10 steps on her and was so winded. It feels awesome that I can pump out 30 and still wanna go more sometimes!!!

Well, this past weekend, Saturday especially, I earned SO many AP’s. We put the trusses up on the garage we are building. There was 6 of us total, with 3 of us (myself included) lifting these trusses up over our heads to get them up for the roof. I will put pictures here later on so you can see what I’m talking about, in case you don’t know what trusses are. This garage is monsterous, and they are the entire width of the garage and weigh a ton. We put up 25 of them suckers. That day alone I earned 21 AP’s….ONE DAY…21 of em…and that was figuring very conservatively…I figured that at ‘light’ on my points booster…and I KNOW it was not ‘light’ work but I hate to over figure my AP’s…so I figured the entire day (more than 8 hours) at ‘light’…so basically everything I had eaten that day was completely burned off.

I only had the one bad day last week, which was awesome :) I’m still waiting to hear how Karen did on her weigh in, but I’ll post soon as I know :) :)

I will get the ‘lb. blinkies’ out to those who were asking for them, later on tonight :)